Tuning that call for actual waterfowl calling?

Discussion in 'Duck & Goose Calling Forum' started by Lip Shooter, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Lip Shooter

    Lip Shooter Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 25, 2014
    Bottom of the Slough
    I really enjoy calling birds and have become what I would consider a very good goose and Okay duck caller.

    Have you ever had that magical call that just turns birds?

    The best call I ever had at turning birds the other way was clear plastic Big River goose call. I use to get my limit and then break out that call trying to figure out how to call geese That call could turn locked in geese at 150 yards, 100 yards, 80 yards, 50 yards, 30 yards and landing geese. After turning over 5 different flocks of approaching geese, I hate to litter but that call was tossed out my car window at 70 MPH. This was like 25 years ago and I lost interest in calling for about 10 years. I then learned how to blow a short reed call. Some worked some did not. About 10 years ago I really got into to tuning these calls and have had several that when you hit a single note honk could turn birds 90 degrees right into the wheelhouse. I have noticed on the short reeds it seems like they have to sound a bit raspy to be a really effective call. I usually have 3-4 well tuned goose calls on my lanyard as I have noticed even the terrain can have an effect on how well a call can work. I enjoy trying to field tuning my calls very often sometimes every hunt.

    My favorite tuned calls today are Buck Gardner call that is like a burnt orange color, a Foiles Market hunter, Zink Naughty by Nature, Foiles Coles Carnage, and some off brand call made by Jeff (not Foiles)

    I use to use Grounds calls for the most part but just seems like I cannot tune them for the sweet spot for effective calling, must have at least 4-6 of them laying around unused. Great call to learn on.

    Seems like up here in the north duck calls do not matter, some dry corn in a can could pull them in.

    How do you tune your goose calls for being an effective call?

    What was your first short reed call? Mine was a walnut Wing Lock call and I still have it.
  2. mpkowal

    mpkowal Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 20, 2015
    Grounds ,half breed,then grounds pro mag,and on and on,I had some old Todd Svoboda calls that were unbelievably great sounding,problem was everyone wanted to buy them and i caved.Now if I had to pick one call maker it has to be Grounds.Any type,style ,size he has the call.He stands behind them and those guys will help you any way the can.
  3. Rickard

    Rickard Refuge Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    My first goose call was a poly FP raptor. God I screwed the tuning up on that so many times before I read wade walling's how to guide. I've since gone crazy and loaded up the shelf with all various makes and models. My current choices lie between a Grounds G overhauler, Black Timber Amp'd and FP Matrix. Once I kind of found what I like a goose call to sound like vs what seems to draw correct attention, I find that there aren't too many variances between "good" calls. I will say that I do seem to pick up my grounds super mag more than the rest when I want to cluck around the house. It's a tougher one for me to run so when I pick up one of my hunter calls, I seem to have an easier time getting what I'm looking for. I guess kind of like swinging a weighted bat...

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