Turkey Hunt (cont)

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunters Forum' started by Tuffy, Jan 10, 2001.

  1. Tuffy

    Tuffy Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 24, 2000
    Sumter, South Carolina, USA
    "YESSSSS"......That is where you want him to be. Now, you tell yourself to be patient and think for a minute. Where is he exactly and where is going when he comes down? Most of the scratching has been on the North side of all of these E-W ridges running down to the little creek. The birds always seem to end up down here on the big flat ridge where the little creek meets the big one, but how is he going to get there. He seems a little higher than usual. Maybe he will work right on down the N-S walk-in road the way you came in. And you know he can hear that other bird way over to the West. What if you work back up around that first little bottom and set up "between" him and the other gobbler. Hearing a hen in the direction of the other gobbler might just fire him up, especially if she responds to the OTHER boy and not him. "Yep, that's just what I'll do". As you quickly slide around the saddle to the next ridge, you hear YOUR boy let out another one. "Man, this is GREAT ! !"

    Okay, you like this spot. Big ole pine that will take care of that jacket that IS too dark. A little bit of undergrowth to shield you. He is going to have to pop over that little hump in the road in shooting range if he comes down that road. It is time to say something to him. "Okay, I have to get this first call RIGHT. Think rhythm ......1..2.....3..4". It's too late for any flydown or cackle. Just TELL him.

    YES.....They both gobbled. You're glad that other bird is so far away or this could get tricky. Now, you will let this one stew a while and answer the other one every chance you get and try to "aim" the call toward him and away from your bird to make sure he sees the implications of staying away and quiet. In less than a minute the distant bird sounds off, but he sounds even further away now. You immediately HIT him with your best cuts and HARD yelping. He double-gobbles right back at you, but the boy you want says nothing. Maybe he is not the dominant one and he has just been put in his place and you are in the wrong place and working the wrong bird. But, you know you have to play this one out now.

    After another 10-15 minutes of silence and hoping that none of these squirrels start barking at you, you know you have to risk another call. This one HAS to be inquisitive; she wants to know where the boys are: "Yelp...Yelp...Yelp?"

    Nothing. "Darn...NOTHING". At least the squirrels didn't bark at you, but they did run up the trees. That doesn't say much for your calling and your setup, does it? Oh well, just stay patient. After 15 more minutes, the squirrels are back at play and there seem to be a few more of them now. Is that a fox squirrel down on the ridge to your left? "HECK NO !" What is he doing down IN the bottom there. No turkey is going to walk up that draw to you here. But, yep, he is working around the ridge and could come right up to the saddle. He looks like a 2-y/o bird; about 4-5" beard. He'll do, won't he?

    "Oh HECK!" Does he see you? He is staring and slipping that head side to side trying to make you for sure. He sees something and he ain't watching the squirrels. You know you can't shoot him at 50 yards and you can see in his eyes that he just ain't coming no further. Time for some soft talk now. Remember not to move your mouth and KEEP IT SOFT.

    You sound like a chicken and he has had enough......PFFFT.........VRRRRROOOOOOOOMMMMMMM !

    "DAMN....Forgot all about HIM". Now, what are you going to do? You don't even have to turn. You know the OTHER one is standing in the road strutting about 20 yards over your right shoulder....now that you've turned around here to watch "your" bird. It looks like they have done it to you again, don't it? How come you didn't put the decoy up there in front of you?

    Now, ain't that something; the first one just gobbled. Sort of an "I ain't afraid of you; I just want to be someplace else" gobble. But, the strutter just can't stand it. He DOUBLES right back at him and breaks into a little trot out on the ridge coming across right in front of you. "Please stop, Big Boy....Please".

    He DOES. He stretches out that WHITE-HOT head, his beard dangles out away from his chest, As the gobble erupts and his wattles shake, you are looking down the solid rib of the Model 12 and you know he is YOURS. "Should I keep the site up on his head?"......You never have....Same as always; right where the neck meets the body.

  2. Pickle

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    Mar 15, 2000
    West Tennessee
    that's great Tuffy, maybe this year I will know what it feels like to kill my first Turkey.


    "But to those whose hearts are stirred by the sound of whistling wings and quacking mallards, wildlife is....not merely an acquired taste.
    Aldo Leopold

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  3. Scout

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    Sep 25, 2000
    Oskaloosa, IA USA
    You ought to write a book, my man! You really know how to turn a phrase. Got the hair on the back of my neck standing on end for a minute. Seems i've been in those shoes before. Thanks for these wonderful stories. For you guys that are just getting into turkey hunting, take heed! This is what it is really like!

    Don't get any on ya!
  4. Gregor

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    Dec 23, 2000
    Great read - thanks Tuffy
  5. Buckeye Quacker

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    Sep 4, 2000
    Good job Tuffy !! really enjoyed it. Looks like your going to be the Caller of the turkey hunting forum.


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