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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunters Forum' started by Tuffy, Jan 9, 2001.

  1. Tuffy

    Tuffy Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 24, 2000
    Sumter, South Carolina, USA
    Yep..It's always the same ole thing. You never get sleepy until it is time for the alarm to go off. "What the HECK is that?", you wonder. Then, you realize that it is OPENING DAY, April 1, and you got places to go! !

    It is only 2:30, but you know you have an hour's drive and would rather be sitting at the end of the national forest road dozing in the truck than to pull up there and find somebody on YOUR birds. YAWN......

    You decide you will have a Pepsi and a Smores Pop-Tart before you get on the road. Weather Channel looks good as they are calling for a calm morning and temps in the lower 40s. The high is supposed to get on up to about 68. You can't believe that you forgot to put your little fanny cushion on the pile last night along with everything else. "Wonder what else I am forgetting...gun...shells...calls....mask..license.....Close enough"

    As you put on that camo jacket, you wish you would have bought one with a little more green in it at the Sportsman's Classic last week. Been saying that for years, haven't you? Okay, good to go. The old Ranger, Mr. Truck, looks like a young pup this morning. Doggone it, that reminds me of the camera since I hope to take a picture of one more gobbler on that tailgate. Yep, the cooler with the Pepsis is already in there.

    The street through town is really quiet; the tournament bass fishermen aren't even up yet. Oops, wrong about that; there's a bass boat at the BP station already; must be a tournament out of town someplace this morning. "I hope they have some of those Sweet 16 donuts this morning and do NOT forget the ICE for the cooler." Okay, we are on the road now. How far is it? About 67 miles or so, depending on which spot you are going to. You can't quite decide if you have already decided which place, but Mr. Truck knows where you are going; you always go there on April 1.

    The radio plays an old Beatles song and you decide that you would rather hear some Country this morning. That should put you in the mood to put some beer tears in your calling, you think.

    WATCH OUT ! Man, what a big doe. Mr. Truck appreciates your missing that one; he remembers the ones you didn't see coming. Okay, there's the gravel slope of the road. This doggone gravel road seems so long when you are hoping there is not a truck waiting at the other end of it. The turnaround is coming up now....ALRIGHT...nobody there..

    Well, you have about an hour and a half before you have 20 minutes to get ready to have 30 minutes to get down that trail to the spot you want and still be one hour and 15 mintues before sunrise. Should work just about right; you will settle in just before you start to be able to see anything.

    Coming down that last little hill on the old road, you think for the 15th time: "I really should go to the left here since I never get any birds on that ridge until later in the morning anyway." But, like Mr. Truck, the Model 12 knows where you are going. You always go there on April 1.

    It hasn't changed a bit. It was right over there that you missed that bird that came back in 20 minutes limping to go home with you that April 1 when Harold came with you. And wasn't it just last year that the big tom came across the road only to go on the WRONG side of that ravine. First one to do that in 18 years. Wonder if one will this morning. No matter, your little ridge is right there. Looks like this ground may be scratched up a little. It will look good to see that when the first light comes.

    As you settle in, you hear the Whip-poor-wills. You wonder if that is the FIRST or SECOND call. Probably the first, the second will come with the first light and that will be about 15-20 minutes.

    Okay...all set. Which call are you going to use? Heck, the Regular Red is right there on front, so you might as well start with it. Good thing the Winchester can't smile, huh? Okay, get all of the leaves out from under your feet......knees up.....butt between those two roots. Yep, this will do.

    The light sneaks up on you like always and it is now only about 10 minutes before sunrise. Something should have gobbled by now, but they are like that some mornings and you hope this is one. WAIT ! Did you hear something back across the walk-in road on down the creek? There it is again. Doggone it, you KNEW you should have gone to the left. Be patient, mayber the BIG one is up at the end of this little tiny creek where you want him to be. All you need is to hear just that one sound from the right spot and the day will be complete and perfect already............


  2. KYDUCK23

    KYDUCK23 Guest

    That story made me go and get my turkey hunting stuff out.I am ready to go now see what went and did Tuffy.

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  3. Scout

    Scout Senior Refuge Member

    Sep 25, 2000
    Oskaloosa, IA USA
    Dang, somebody in our forum has talent! Nice writing Tuffy. Sounds like a very familiar senario to most of us. Hope you don't forget your butt cushion this year!

    Don't get any on ya!
  4. ACC/Boykin

    ACC/Boykin Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 9, 2001
    North Augusta, S.C.
    Tuffy can you read Turkey Hunters minds. Are
    have you just been hunting limb hangers that
    long? [​IMG]
  5. Buckeye Quacker

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    Sep 4, 2000
    Watch out Tuffy !! I'm up on that ridge to your left, right about 80yrds above that olboy you first heard ! lol . Lets see a quiet little tree call will go good about now huh ?
    Good safe hunting ,


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