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    Hunted Sun.,Wed. and Thurs. mornings last week on a wooded property I have permission on and had 5 different birds gobbling most mornings. On one of the mornings I was able to get one bird to come fairly close (under 75yds) and expected to see him break into the clearing I was in at any moment. Well luck would have it that he decided to move out and the next series of gobbles he made, were consistently farther away. I packed up my gear and moved to another property that i had hunted and seen birds on but was unsuccessful during 2nd season.

    I set my blind up Thurs. afternoon for Fri. morning hunt on a cornfield in the area I had seen the birds working during 2nd season. I placed my jake and 2 hens about 27yds out. Just before light I heard a faint gobble in the distance. About 5 min. later I can hear hens so I joined them with some calling and sat to wait. A short time later the canary grass in front of my blind started to bounce and move around so out of curiosity I stood to see what sort of critter was outside my blind, just a small bird hopping in the grass. I looked to my right and coming into the field are 3 hens with a tom in tow about 70ish yards out. The tom spots my jake decoy and goes into full strut and heads for my decoys looking for a fight. He approaches the jake and starts to push on it with his chest. Still in strut with his head tucked I don't feel confident of the shot so I let him do his thing and as soon as he raised his head up I squeeze the trigger and drop him where he stands. [​IMG]

    He was 23 lbs had 1 1/4 and 7/8 spur one tip was broke off and 9 7/8 beard. This was a very fun and memorable hunt. My only regrets are I didn't get this on film as it was text book tom coming in to fight with the jake and that I was solo and wasn't able to share the experience. Sorry for the poor cell phone picture quality.

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