U.S Court of appeals strikes down part of state mental health gun restriction.

Discussion in 'Hunters Rights Forum' started by Bear, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Slippery slope there Num...

    If it were illegal to be in possession of a gun while under anti-psychotics or anti-depressants, and my doctor was highly recommended either or both for me... I would refuse the script in order to keep my guns... As I would guess would many others...

    Secondly, is it the treatment of the problem, or the problem itself that is related to gun violence? I would guess in all likelihood that it is the problem, and not the drugs being taken. However, if you punish those being treated, far less people will seek treatment.

    No easy answers to these questions, and really no viable solutions that I can see...
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    Agreed on all counts. And I think some great points have been made in this thread. We're going to have a somewhat similar scenario here in my state shortly. (And I assume you already do in. CA.). You're going to have the choice to get your medical marijuana card or keep your LTC. But you're not going to do both. It all boils down to question 11e on form 4473. You can't be an assumed regular user of marijuana and also hold an LTC.

    I'm not trying to draw comparisons between pot and antidepressants. I have no medical basis to compare and contrast. And I don't care about the med card thing as I don't smoke weed. But if it truly is "medicine" as the govt is saying, we're revoking 2nd amendment rights based on the medicine a person is taking. Now I don't know the stats on stoners shooting people, but I do know the stats on people using SSRIs shooting people, and they are off the charts. So where does that leave us?
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    I'm telling ya...drink Premium Bourbon or fine single malt and you'll be fine. :tu It's them damn lite beer drinkers that always shoot up the place. :yes Anyway...I hope we're not all in deep doo-doo with this new SG. :doh Anyway...they would have to disarm about two-thirds of the almost 200 million VOTING gun owners and even Ted Cruz wouldn't be able to screw up that backlash against the democrats in the next four elections. ��
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    NICE !!!!!!:l:l:l:l:grvn:clap

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