Utah Man Hacks Into Wyoming computer system to apply for moose tags

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    Utah man hacks into Wyoming computer system to apply for two moose tags

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    A Utah man thought he could bilk the system and increase his odds of obtaining a nonresident moose hunting tag in Wyoming. Byron Oldham used a computer program to hack the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s (WGFD) online system to apply for two nonresident moose tags. Oldham, who is charged with “an intellectual property crime of modifying data in a computer network,” may face three years in prison if found guilty, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports.

    Oldham currently runs two hunting businesses: GotMyTag LLC and HuntinTool LLC. GotMyTag , is a service that reminds you to apply, helps build your preference points, looks up your preference points, and includes Wyoming in the mix.

    Oldham was discovered thanks to a WGFD application development programmer, who reported the computer hack to his agency. Oldham, who had applied for two limited quota nonresident moose applications, was linked to the crime. Officials say that Oldham wrote “a computer script that kept the application button active past its 20-minute window,” which allowed him to apply for another moose tag – a tag which is coveted and hard to obtain, the Eagle reports.

    Additionally, once WGFD began to investigate Oldham, officials discovered that he had tried this trick before. On May 10, 2016, Oldham tried to apply for a bighorn sheep license 99 times during one minute; the timing of which “coincided with the drawing of bighorn sheep, moose and mountain goat licenses,” according to the Eagle. During WGFD’s investigation, they also discovered that Oldham had collected quite a few preference points: five for antelope, 10 for bighorn sheep, 11 for elk and 11 for moose, thus improving his chances for drawing tags.

    Oldham has previously been vocal about his frustration at obtaining hard to draw nonresident tags and made news in 2015 for a point-management app called PointHunter, “a user-friendly interface that pulls a hunter's data from the state websites of their choice,” KSL.com reports. In the 2015 article, Oldham promised upgrades to the app, which makes his current actions questionable. The PointHunter app also licenses out their app to other hunting application services.

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    HuntinTool seems to be an appropriate name.

    Three years in jail? I bet he doesn't think it was worth it now that he got caught...

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