Venison Chili

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    Dec 25, 2004
    I just made some chili that I have to share.

    1.5-2lb ground venison
    6 sclices of bacon
    2 onions
    1 bell pepper (red or green)
    1/2 cup chili powder
    2 tbs cumin
    1 tbs corriander
    optional: cyanne or red pepper flakes
    1 big can (28 oz) cut up or crushed tomatos
    1 big can (28 oz) tomato puree
    2 cans black beans
    1 can corn

    Cook the bacon in a frying pan. Once its about 1/2 done take the bacon greese and put it in a pot and get that on med heat. While the bacon is still cooking chop the onions up and put them in the big pot with the hot bacon greese and sweat them down for about 8-10 min. When bacon is nice and crispy I take it out with tongs leaving the bacon greese in the frying pan and set it on paper towels to dry and cool. Add 1/2 of the ground venison to the frying pan to brown. Add the bell pepper to the onions. Add the chili, cumin and corriander to the big pot. Things will get crazy now b/c you have two things going at once but don't panic, you can always take the big pot off the heat and slow things down. Once the spices are added to the pot they will get thick and chunky, don't let it burn, keep stirring, but let it cook. Once the meat is browned you can spoon it off into the big pot and add the second half of the uncooked ground venison to the frying pan which should still have some bacon greese in it. Now you can go ahead and add the rest of the canned stuff to the big pot and get it simmering. BTW I rinse the back beans + corn in a strainer before adding, and I rinse the tomato cans out with a shot glass full of water to get the rest of the tomato out and put that in as well, helps thin down the chili. Crumble up the bacon and add it now. Once the last of the ground venison is added I simmer it for 1 hour with the lid on, and another hour with the lid off. Stir every once and a while and if its getting to thick add another shot glass of water to help keep it from buring on the bottom of the pot. Add your favorite garnish, I like sharp cheddar and oyster crackers. Oh yea, if you like it hot you can add the heat now (liquid tobasco) or earlier (cyanne and/or crushed red pepper), I usually add it at the end otherwise my kids can't even breath it in.


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