War Eagle 1648ldv

Discussion in 'Fishing Forum' started by 1excalibur, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. 1excalibur

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    Apr 9, 2014
    Hi Everyone...PLEASE Help.
    Wanted to know the best set up for 1648 War Eagle? New at doing this. Want it for fishing exclusively but make sure I got a good resale value too.
    Was thinking.....ordering from the best dealer (who)?

    Yamaha 40 HP 4 stoke (or should I get 25 HP) I see Mercury too out there.
    Trolling motor Minkota (what # Thrust ?)
    Running lights inside/out I guess that would be right ?
    Floor plate
    Rear Bench seat for sure
    3 seat bases
    2 seats
    60" gun/rod storage
    maybe 30" live well
    Trailer (whatever is standard)

    Have I left out anything important ??? Do I have the correct wording on these items?

    Thanks Much
  2. FOWLER267

    FOWLER267 Guest

    I think mine is a 754 ldv .It's a tiller 40 2 stroke Yamaha and runs well with the motor. About 28-30 with a light load and 25-6 with a medium load. It has the front and rear decks. I added a seat base to use as a drivers seat. Its on the starboard or right side mounted on the back deck. I have eight total seat bases with three across the front crappie style, three in the floor for shooting and two on the back deck. One for fishing and one for driving. The basic light package should work for nav lights. I use a 55lb trolling motor. My guests sit on the front deck in the seats without poles in the crappie bases or on the gun box while running. I have the diamond plate floor with cushion mat screwed down to it. The cup/shell holders are handy and I bolted a .50 cal ammo can to the T-Rail for a small handy toolbox. I also have the 1/2 storage box and a gun box.

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