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    THIS IS A CUT AND PASTE, SORRY. TRY TO SEND A REPLY TO YOUR REP AND SEN TODAY PLEASE! What this bill does is stop all sales of guns between private citizens. Don't be fooled this is the first step in the battle of the antis against the pros.

    Good day ladies and gentlemen

    You will recall that last November I advised that the hunting community would
    need to be ready to stand up for the things they believe in and you've already
    done so - effectively - on the Fish & Wildlife Commission issue. Make no
    mistake about it folks -- we're in an ugly, major fight to protect your hunting
    and weapons rights.

    The HHC legislative network needs to stand up and be counted on SB 5197, the
    so-called gun show loophole bill. The HHC has a long standing resolution in
    opposition to the Cease Fire gun show agenda. Next Thursday (8 February) at
    3:30 PM this bill is up for public hearing. I'll be speaking against the bill
    on behalf of the 56 organizations that make up the HHC as a panelist that will
    include the NRA Brian Judy) and Gun Owners Action League (Joe Waldron). I'll
    also be speaking in opposition to the bill as Chair of Citizens for Responsible
    Wildlife Management because the auction-related elements of this bill will carve
    huge chunks of fund raising capacity out of the hunting communities conservation
    work and that's just plain wrong.

    Two years ago when this same issue was up before the legislature we caught Cease
    Fire off guard when we loaded the hearing up with between 300 and 400 pro-gun
    men and women. This time around Cease Fire is renting buses and will be
    bringing people to Olympia (mostly from Seattle) with the goal of filling the
    room before we can get there and fill the chairs with our supporters. We need
    two things. First, you, your organizations, and the individual members of your
    organizations need to go on the record with your Senator (if you don't know who
    your Senator is go to http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx and
    enter the requested information - the site will tell you who your Senator is) -
    in a polite and respectful manner why you oppose SB 5197 and that needs to
    happen now. I'll be tracking the rate of calls through the offices of two
    Senators friendly to our side of this battle. Second, if you can attend this
    hearing - and we need as many bodies as we can generate - make sure you get here
    y (

    While you will probably want to "speak your piece" the committee chair is only
    going to permit selected panels to speak so bring written letters or testimony
    if you wish and hand them into committee staff - the legislators will get them -
    and if you bring eleven copies you will guarantee that the Senators on the
    committee get your letter. More importantly, it's ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that if
    can get here next Thursday that you sign in opposing SB 5197. Make sure that
    when you do sign in that you check the "con" box and you are not from Olympia
    make sure you check the "from out of town" box.

    Two letters with additional information (one from the NRA and one from the
    National Wild Turkey Federation WA State Chapter) are attached. We've already
    distributed similar detail to the statewide HHC leadership issued by the Gun
    Owners Action League -

    Messages against the bill in your own words are extremely effective. Contacts
    to legislators that look like they come from a boilerplate message get tossed
    without being read. So, that's why I'm not providing you with a "sample
    message." Whatever you want to say keep it short, sweet and respectful. If you
    join us on Thursday NRA caps, gun club caps, etc. convey a positive message ....
    camouflage gear and, as Joe Waldron of GOAL says, "I'll give up my guns when
    they pry them from my cold, dead fingers" detracts from our message. Cease Fire
    is painting gun owners as nothing more than a bunch of rednecks and we don't
    need to fill their ammo belts. Let's not give them anything they can use to
    reinforce their political message.
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    Thanks for the post. Good luck with this. I didn't check but assume this is posted on the Wa forum...


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