Water/Rain Proof Hunting pants suggestions?

Discussion in 'Alaska Flyway Forum' started by cootmeurer, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. cootmeurer

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    Jan 8, 2003
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    I would guess that the average Alaskan has more knowledge on this topic than all lower 48 types put together - so here is the background and my question.

    I am heading to the Highlands of Scotland this fall - and the conditions are described as being like hilly tundra - with the ground almost always soaked. Because there is little cover, stalking in a mixture of using terrain for walking and crawling when getting the last few yards.

    That being said - without breaking the bank - what is a good pant/bottom to wear that at least provides some protection from complete soak through, and is tough enough to crawl in (I think that rules out waders)?
  2. marsh fox

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    Nov 15, 2005
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    British army goretex outer pants and shell jacket, they are cheap hard wearing and apart from the patrol pack the best bit of kit the British squaddies have. They are not so quiet though but the kinds of situation you are hunting in are suitable. I have hunted in Scotland all my life and despite hunting other parts of the world and encountering similar terrain it never quite matches Scotland for rough and wet. You are about to experience something you will never forget for all the right reasons of course. Dont fret too much about the weather cold and wet it may be but there is always a wee Dram (whiskey)to warm you up latter. :)

    Type in your browser ebay.co.uk and do a search on there, that place is full of cheap British army gortex gear buy it online get it shippewd to your guides residence. Job done. There are better options permatex(woodland) etc but this is what i use Hill stalking and you did say you were on a budget. this is next to free its everywhere over here and it works.
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    Mar 6, 2003
    I know some guys hunt in a high quality breathable wader, like a top of the line Simms with a good boot. When I was an assistant hunting guide that did a lot of packing I wore Cabela's MTO50 pants and coat, I wore them rain or shine (if it was shining, it would probably still rain so you always had your rain gear) and loved them, and I am not a gor-tex fan when one really needs to stay dry. A lot of guys wear the Helly Hansen Impertech raingear, it is good stuff too, not the real heavy stuff, it stretches and a lot of hunting guides wear it.
  4. Wawasee

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    We suggest Frogg Togg Toadz lin for our lodge in Adak. Rains all the time in the Aleutians, so you need something like this. These are lightweight, affordable and always work.

    Do not buy any of the typical Frogg Togg. If it is not the Toadz line, forget it.

    Check out pictures of us in it on the tundra on our website. www.aleutianoutfitters.com.

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