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    Dear Waterfowl Enthusiast,

    As you may have heard, several FWC staff were tasked with consulting the public to develop consensus on modifications to online and check station issuance of waterfowl quota permits. The goal is to streamline the online process for permit issuance and develop consistent procedures among the waterfowl quota areas in respect to issuing permits.

    We are in the process of forming a Technical Assistance Group (TAG) that will be comprised of 18-20 individuals (7 FWC staff, 2 WMD staff, 1 United Waterfowlers of Florida representative, and 8-10 stakeholders). We are planning to select two individuals to represent each of the FWC waterfowl quota hunt permit areas (TM Goodwin, Ocklawaha Prairie, and the Stormwater Treatment Areas). We will also have two individuals represent Guana River WMA because there has been interest expressed in establishing a quota system for the waterfowl hunts at this area. Two At-Large members will be chosen to represent individuals who may not identify with UWF or as a “regular” at the hunt areas but may wish to contribute to the discussion. It is our desire to have all stakeholders selected by mid-November and hold the first of three monthly meetings in early December.

    Members of the TAG will be expected to attend all scheduled meetings, engage in discussion, provide ideas, deliver information to and solicit input and feedback from other duck hunting stakeholders, and keep the TAG informed of their efforts. It is our (FWC staff) intention to bring a recommendation to FWC leadership by late February. This timeline should give FWC’s Office of Licensing and Permitting enough time to make any changes to the online application system and be operational for the 2016-17 season.

    Please consider submitting an application to become a member of this TAG or forward this information along to an individual you feel would best represent your interests. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

    Thank you for your interest.



    Jamie C. Feddersen, Certified Wildlife Biologist®

    Waterfowl and Small Game Program Leader

    Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

    8932 Apalachee Parkway

    Tallahassee, FL 32311



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