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    Sep 9, 2007
    My hunting buddy decides we need a new 2 man layout boat, so he starts surfing the net. One day out of the blue my buddy calls me and tells me the he's getting a new 2 man layout boat. I'm like, what, the one we have is good enough. Who cares if it's 400 and some pounds and takes 4 people to lift. It was only $700 and it's payed for. He has none of it and tells me to go to the Waterfowl Works website and pick out which boat I think we should get. He says that they are having a sale and he wants to order it by the next day. He said all I have to do is post up the one we have on Craigslist and that he'll make up the difference. We'll I can't pass on a deal like that.

    So I head to their website and take a look at their boats. I'll tell you right now that Tony, the owner of Waterfowl works and i have a history. We hunt some of the same areas and have bumed heads a few times over the years. I was not keen on the idea of buying one of his boats, but with an offer like that, I wasn't going to pass on a new layout boat. So I looked at the two 2 man layout boats he has to offer. Both are nice boats but to me the 2 man Kalash layout looked like what I was looking for in a 2 man. So I called my buddy with my pick and he set the order in motion. This was the day before black Friday.

    We'll I have the time between Christmas and New Year's off, plus the couple of weekends before so I call my buddy and told him to call Tony and tell him that we need to pick up the boat by Dec. 16 to take advantage of the rest of our waterfowl season. We'll my buddy called and Tony said he would try to have it done by then.

    My buddy call me to let me know the boat would be ready for pick-up on the 16th. I don't live very far from where Tony's shop is, so I could stop by and pick it up on my way to the lake. So I headed over to get the boat, my buddy had never told Tony who was going to pick up the boat so he was a little surprised when I showed up to say the least. Tony was very nice and helpful loading our new boat onto my trailer. He gave me a tour of his shop, which was very nice. He had a bunch of boats almost ready to be picked up by their new owners. Once the new boat was loaded up I was on my way to the lake for a weekend of duck hunting.

    We found that with the new boats lighter weight, the 2 of us could load and unload the 2 man boat on and off of my tender boat without busting a nut or two. What a relief that was from the old boat, a boat we couldn't move without 4 people. I have a 17.5 foot Duckwater boat, the new boat at 160 lbs. rides really well on the bow as it's transported from the ramp to the hunting grounds. It slides off the tender into the water with ease. With 2 people it can be pulled back onto the tender without too much effort for the ride home.

    Let me tell ya, Tony did a nice job on the boat, and then having it ready to go in just a short 3 1/2 weeks. I can't give him enough credit for that. Thanks Tony. We like the boat and look forward to years of enjoyment from it.

    Oh ya, it took me all of about 2 hours to sell our 2 man after it was posted on Craigslist.
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    Dan, Good story and all is very True, Just goes to show that the internet can make guys argue and fuss and generally in person everyone can get along and be courteous and professional and aside of a few quarrels online and one issue on a public lake its not the end of the world. And hopefully this wont be the last time we cross paths and we can continue the positive meetings. We take our business seriously and we don't mess around. We build boats for a living and as you seen its a serious business for us and we take great pride in our work and are extremely pleased the boat worked out for you guys and your needs and hope you enjoy many years of service from it. Since out final move 18 months ago its been full steam ahead and we haven't looked back. We upped our production times and productions numbers 10 times with this move to the 26 thousand sq ft facility. Take care and be safe. And thank you for the kind words.

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