We have traitors in our ranks.

Discussion in 'Political Action Forum' started by Packman, Feb 28, 2007.

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    Nowhere, and thanks again.:tu
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    Man what a long post, and I even saw a post against FROGMEN......I'm appalled. I bet if Haji let a dirty bomb go 162 miles west of Sacramento in your hometown CF you would wish we took care of this a long time ago. Probably pretty easy since your on the western seaboard and all that is needed is a suicide boat.
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    I just spent a week in Panama (Central / south America, not Florida) and I was amazed at the growth of Islam and it's radical elements. Yes, I said PANAMA!!! As in the Panama Canal. My father-in-law lives down there and said that the government has had a hard time tracking the influx of radical elements coming in from the middle east, teaching their rabid brand of Islam and migrating north in an effort to gain access into the southern US. Now I wonder why these peace loving fanatics :rolleyes: are working so hard to get here? I thought the Democratic thought was that all of these hard working poor people just wanted to come here for work and that their vote should count?

    Fact is that these non-military types are too busy armchair quarterbacking for political power, by whining about everything that they perceive as a problem.

    It even shows on this board in that some would actually like to see soldiers die in order to forward their agenda of Democrats getting full power. It angers me to no end and I am sick of it! :mad:

    It is mutiny and it should be treated as such.
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    the sympathisers in CA, the cheerleaders, they wouldn't do such a thing

    Same reason as France is such a high hit target:l

    In time................:cool:

    Their arrogance will get'em

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