Well Dang!!

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    Jul 4, 2001
    Boykinsbuddy and I were at Pocosin NWR last weekend, looking for something to shoot. There were plenty of Swans to shoot, but we both have about a million swan photos each,so we were looking for something different. There were ducks there as well, but most were so far back in the swamp, that a photo was really hard to get. We looked for bears for a couple of days but came up skunked there as well.
    Our last day, we decided to ride back into the refuge one last time looking for bears at a spot that normally has bears to photograph. On our way back to the spot, we spy a large bird perched in the top of a tree. It was in an area where we had seen tons of buzzards the previous couple of days. As we rode by, I realized that this bird was an eagle (immature),and was less that 50 feet away. I stopped the truck and we both reached for our cameras, only to realize, Neither of us has pulled our cameras out of the bags before starting down the road...DOH!!!!
    Normally, we ride these roads,with our cameras in our laps for JUST this kind of little surprise...but not on this day

    Well Dang..................

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