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Well ~ let me tell you about a hunt ~ one of the best ```

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting Forum' started by onjig, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. onjig

    onjig Senior Refuge Member

    Aug 7, 2018
    Jack invited me ~ you don't know Jack ~ but ~ well this hunt was up in Horse Thief Canyon off of Hwy 88 not far from 89 turns north through Hope Valley and 88 continues west ```

    It was a good hunt jack had rented a couple horsed ~ you know not to ride but ~ to drag ```

    Anyway ~ I had to work at the time so I would hike in from 88 Saturday night ~ they'd already have camp set up ``` It was getting dark as I started in ~ I had the 7mm Mouser Carbine ~ I had converted to 308 ~ way back I had been working nights and turned this Springfield barrel so it looked like a Mouser ~ Well that's another story ```

    Anyway when i found camp it was dark ~ Jack introduced me to these three guys ~ wasn't a real happy group ~ but ```

    We talked a bit and had a cupa ~ well ~ you could see the light from ~ let's see there were about maybe six camps in the valley ~ pretty lush ~ we were at about 8,000 feet ~ I'm guessing ```

    So I walk east just couple hundred yard to this camp ~ father and son ~ the boy was maybe 14 years ~ they had tied everything on this horses back and sides with rope ~ and as the horse walked the rope seesawed across here and there ~ rubbing him raw ~ so he jumped and kicked an bucked till everything was off his back and ran off ~ they were just about to go see if they could lure him back ~ I wished them luck ```

    The next camp was north maybe 50 yards ~ I called out: " OK to come in " yeh, come on ~ so I stepped into the light ~ Indians ~ one guy tossed a bottle ~ and I caught it ~ like I did this all the time ~ Whiskey 3/4 full ~ I took a nip and handed it to one guy facing the fire ``` Well they were friendly nice guys ~ from around Woodfords area ~ I was motioned to sit by the fire ~ and this guy n I ~ young fellow talked and talked and ~ another guy put a pan on the fire ~ the sides of the pan were no more than 2 1/2" maybe 3" tall and the pan was maybe 12" across ~ he filled it with water ~ and we tossed the bottle round and round ~ and they brought out another ~ and we laughted n laughted n~ this other guy started to pour Rice into the pan ~ he had a 5 lb or bigger bag and was ~ I could see he was gona pour it all into the pan ~ so I started to say stop stop ~ I'm Armenian ~ well American but my folks were from Armenia ~ we eat a lot of Pilaf ~ you know Rice and vermachelli ~ in chicken broth ```
    Well the guy next to me touches my arm ~ and says pointing at the guy by the fire ~ and kinda wispers: " He Knows " ~ well I was sloshed by this time and I thought ~ You know ~ Person can always learn something new ~ you know your think you know every thing bout something ~ then you learn something you never knew ```

    We drank more than anybody with any sense would drink and talked about ~ well they were saying all these people are dumb ~ they'll take bucks ~ the does are the tender ones ~ they'll leave Sunday ~ and leave the does ```
    I looked at the fire ~ the rice in the pan had expanded ~ and expanded and was pouring over out of the pot onto the fire ~ n sissling and the handles of the pan were about finished burning off ~ well ~ they were friendly guys ~ It was kinda fun ~ I headed back ~ was able to find our camp n get my sleeping bag out and was gone ~ aahh ~ look at the time ```
    If I can find my way back to this thread ~ I'll come back n tell about the hunt ~ If you'd like ```


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