What happened to nighthunter2 Epic and wardens visit Threads ?....

Discussion in 'California Flyway Forum' started by George, Feb 19, 2012.

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    :l:l:l:l I'd be dead if she was:tu

    My wife is smoking, but I married her in 1970.
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    Can you photo shop some bands on her:flame:l:dv

    Or maybe a collar
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    Epic LIE...HAHAHAHA from DHC
    by Bootlipkiller ? Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:57 am

    well this is the final piece of the puzzle i have some information that i think all of u need to know about the NH2 saga. I am puting this out there because i dont think its fair to the hard working honest hunters out there who do their best to be the best they can. storys like this damage young hunters and begginers who think they are living in the shadow of someone who makes such wild claims. hunting is supose to be fun that you share with family and friends not a quest to make a name for your self through so called glory as a "Trophy Hunter". NH2 is very convincing with his storys and methods that he has been shairing with me through private messages he has sent me on this site. i still dont buy it... any one who spends time in the field knows his clams are statistically impossible. i dont claim to be the greatest duck hunter in the world, truthfuly there are many great hunters where i live and i dont claim to be one of them. i think post like this make the people in the area NH2 and I live look stupid. i think all of you have the right to know what i learned today about NH2. and i want everyone to know i expect people to say im lying but for what its worth this is the gods honest truth.

    I spoke to the local warden today and i asked him if he heard about this "Epic Hunt"... he told me yes i am very familiar with this investigation. the state warden told me he heard about the hunt and he had already visited NH2 at his home. he said the clam of 6 collard geese taken in our area was impossible but he had to talk with him in person. the warden said he showed up alone and NH2 was very friendly and cooperative, (but also embarrassed). NH2 told him he bought a few colars on Ebay but didnt have 6 so the remaining birds the colars were photo shoped on. the warden said NH2 said he does not even hunt that much but did it to get a rise on the net.

    NH2 also told me if i didnt believe him about the 20 duck bands in 3 years i needed to talk to a local guide who hunts the same are as him. NH2 said the guide and his clients killed 160 bands this season. well i hate to say it but i know a good friend of the guide and he told me the blind in question killed 230 birds total with very few bands.

    I just think people should know the truth about all of this. I will probably be enemy #1 but i dont care we all know someone like this (Maybe not this bad) but they are everywhere.

    So in conclusion, whats hanging around NH2's neck, is one giant epic lie.

    Wait, there`s more....:dv
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