What is hunting too close?

Discussion in 'Diver Hunters Forum' started by Irish eyes, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Sep 18, 2006
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    Easy, he said he was layout hunting, meaning big water, a early set up is lot less critical than hunting in a marsh or timber, especially considering dealing with anchoring, shuttling people out of one boat and into another, setting the decoys right with the layout, etc. etc.

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    All do respect sir, but you are still disturbing the best two hours of the morning, which is rude and selfish. Just because for what ever reason you want to sleep in. If you owned the land, it would be different. I have two blinds we own the land the sit on, so we get there about 20 mins before legal shooting time, keeping decoys there all season in bags ready to go. All the public hunts we do , we are there an hour and a half before shooting time.
  3. A-5pemberton

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    Feb 3, 2006
    Divers on our bay tend to move with the tide rather than the time of day. As to the issue of too close, as others have said.....if you think you are too close.....you are.
  4. wanapasaki

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    Mar 14, 2014
    I hunted kern last week on a Wednesday and hunted unit 2. An elderly gentleman with a cane followed me through so I could get him to the open water area. I admire him for his determination to get out there and hunt. We ended up popping out at my spot and wished him good luck. A few minutes later he came back around and wondered if he could hunt next to me. He ended up setting up a lot closer than he thought. When the sun came up he was less than 100 yards away. Be that as it may, he never shot the birds swinging on my spread nor did I to his. With good etiquette hunters can hunt a lot closer together than what’s considered to be the standard norm. I had a blast that day as we both shrugged our shoulders at each other when we saw the other choke on some easy shots :l
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  5. Bob Johnson

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    Aug 14, 2001
    its relative..... with bluebills its not that critical... I don't think its that critical with buffys either, not that I hunt them anymore....but GOLDENEYE are a different story..... they don't like to be pestered, they wont put up with someone shooting within a half mile!......ever run the boat and see a flock get up a 1/3 or a mile or MORE away... those are golden eyes..... all other birds don't budge until you are only a few hundred yards away....I used to hunt a town that had a lot of guys slaughtering Old squaw daily... you couldn't hunt that town for goldeneyes, because they birds would never get a chance to set..... every shot pushed them up and out..... even if it came from the other side of the bay!!!!!!!!!
  6. Squaller

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    Jan 5, 2003
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    Anything less than 200 yards from someone I do not know is too close for most of my duck hunting situations... (give the exceptions as posted in stories above).

    On some areas, 200 yards would be far closer than I like. Large spread out area, and few hunters, no need to crowd into a tight area with a bunch of guys.

    It is situational. I try to show reasonable consideration for my fellow hunters while optimizing my own chances of success, and that is what I expect from other hunters. I also realize that on public areas, if someone beat me to the gold, I have to pan somewhere else, or move in when he is done (from a respectable distance).
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    Dec 15, 2017
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    Setting up in the dark to me is fun when hunting any where. When setting up use light's when on a marsh or lake. Talk to other hunters if you can at the launch find out where they want to go. If they are ahead of you let um go. Arriving late is a major NO NO at certain areas. How many of you ever asked another hunting party to partner up? I have and it works! Big open water hunting..if you are too close to another rig you have issues. Always try to beat other hunters to the punch, play the wind. If you are down wind of another hunting party that has their stuff squared away and you are within 300 yards and you have minimal camo and decoy cord around the necks of your spread or they have 100 decoys and you have a dozen, better plan to pack up and move!!! Too close I feel is 150 yards and in. When you get shot falling around you because no one paid attention your too close. In the dark distance seems farther than it really is.

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