what to plant???

Discussion in 'Habitat Forum' started by gracie31, May 6, 2002.

  1. gracie31

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    Dec 28, 2000
    portland, OR ,
    Thanks for all the responces.
    I will plant some stuff on the edges and in the shallow water.
    I agree that the birds are using the hole to rest sometimes, but the best shooting is at shooting light. I think that means they are going there to feed, right?? So, there must be somthing there they like to eat allready??
  2. pentail

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    Jan 11, 2001
    willisburg KY
    as far as a preemergent for your dove fields, I have heard people have good results out of prowl, though I have not used it myself. If it will be a few weeks before you plant your plots, I would not hesitate to use a glyphosphate like roundup. won't hurt your germ rate at all.
    As far as the lawn goes, a little off topic, but here goes.

    Early Fall, plant turf seed, thick turf is the best weed control out there. Fertilize with a low nitrogen high p and k.

    Late fall, fert again with high nitrogen.

    Early spring, fert again with high nitrogen, SLOW release fert.

    late spring, use a product called trimec, its a mix of 2-4d, Ppd, and dicamba and is the best broadleaf post control out there. sold in retail sizes by a company called Dragon.

    use a pre-emergent for crabgrass in early mid spring, the one I use is called Team

    mow at least 3 inches, 3.5 is better, taller grass shades weed seed and cuts down on weed germ.

    shoot me a pm if you have any questions

  3. silvermallard

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    Sep 27, 2001
    Now we're landscaping! hehehehe Nothing wrong with that in my book.

    When folks refer to a pre-emergent application of Roundup, they are talking about putting it on heavy...as much as a 1:3 mixture...two weeks to a month prior to planting. Once burndown is complete, disk everything under. Then plant. But it is technically correct that Roundup is not TRULY a pre-emergent herbicide. Many preemergents require an applicator's license in most states. Personally, I don't do much with pre-emergents. In moist soil units, a good mower, disk, and excellent and timely water control will solve most problems. You don't want to establish monocultures anyway. You want a good variety of moist soil vegetation that either provides food or cover or both for the birds.

    I know farmers that plant millet, raise like a crop to achieve a monoculture, then spray large landing holes in it before it seeds, and then flood it to hunt once seed is mature. This is a real waste of money if you are trying to attract ducks. Now...if you are trying to attract duck hunters...that's a different story. ;)
  4. C L S POSSE

    C L S POSSE Guest

    For your dove plots try 3 pints Prowl and 1.8 oz Authority sprayed over the top right after planting. 100 # of N before you plant will also do wonders for your flowers but won't help for weed control. As far as the lawn issue pentail seems to have that covered pretty well. There is talk of Mycogen coming out with Imi-resistant flowers which will alow you to spray Pursuit/Scepter post emergence. Unfortunately they aren't here yet.

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