What type of habitat do you look for when hunting pheasants?

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    Hey Yabetterduk,

    My springers handle the rice ok. Try putting a little vasoline on the eye brows. Also and you prbably know this, clean their eyes including the second eylid of seeds and weed particles (flushing with some saline solution works well ant then gently eth Q-tip)then apply some antibiotic ointment in each eye and on the brows. This treatment keeps my dogs eyes and brows from developing infections and they heal fast. Absolutely keep Your dogs out of heavy star thistle. Those litle three sided spikey seeds puncture the cornea and break off. I have had that happen to deveral dogs and seen others. Many dog owners don't even know it has happened until they take their dogs in to the vet for a check. Often the birds move into the heavy star thistle as the season progresses. My dogs have absolutely no fear of it but I always keep them out of it. It is not a time to be macho and show off how tough your dogs are. Let the guys who think they are macho walk through and flush the birds.

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