Whiskey woodchuck

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    This recipie works for Rabbit, tree rats, wood chucks and other asorted game critters that you may want to try or already like. Just sub game of choice for Woodchucks

    Take two or three young woodchucks cleaned and cut into parts (kinda like a big tree rats)

    Roll in seasoned flour (ours is never the same but we use season salt, garlic and pepper as a base)
    shake off excess
    brown in large roaster.

    roast for 30-35 min at 325 lid off

    throw in a can or two of vegi broth.

    pour two or three fingers of whiskey

    sample for quality

    pour two or three or four more fingers in glass and throw in with chucks(keep glass for following step)

    put lid on roaster and put it back in oven.

    Pour two or four or five more fingers and drink the whiskey slowly until chucks are falling off bones (about 30-45 min) and serve with corn and taters and a manhatten.:grvn :tu

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