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White Rock Cyber Monday Sale!

Discussion in 'Minnesota Flyway Forum' started by backwater1, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. backwater1

    backwater1 Elite Refuge Member Sponsor

    Mar 31, 2003
    Hey Guys - We're excited to share your White Rock Decoys CYBER MONDAY Decoy Deals Hit List!

    Cyber Monday Flyer17_forums.jpg

    The big one this year - ALL HEADED WINDSOCKS will be on sale for $79.99dz! Mallards, Canadas, Specks, Feeder Snows, Upright Blues, you get it - ALL OF THEM!

    Not to mention a KILLER $49.99dz price on the new Juvy Snow decoys. By far the best looking Juvy Snow on the market.

    If you know White Rock, you know this is our one and only sweeping sale of the year. So gather the boys, get your list to the wife, and head to our website on CYBER MONDAY (11/27-11/29). It's your best chance ever to add the numbers that you've always wanted to your mobile decoy spread!
    BONUS PRE-SALE on some items is on now!
    Head to the main forum to get in on the REFUGE GANG GIVEAWAY!

    Thanks for all the support over the years guys!

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