Why did they kill Him?

Discussion in 'Christian Forum' started by Buffalo Howler, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Sep 14, 2008
    The other day I was looking at hand soap. It says "anti-biotic". Everyone knows that the purpose for this is to kill bacteria on your hands during washing. When the word "anti"
    is used in any word it means oppose/against. So why did they kill Jesus? What was it that they were so against? Why were they anti-Christ?
    The Bible talks that there would be many. Easter would be a great time to dicuss with family and friends the topic of "why".
    Imagine this. A man gives you a locked box. There is only one key made that will open it. Inside the box is life and death. Jesus Christ holds the key to death and hades. This is the reason they killed him. He told the world that he is the Messiah. The one that would save. The exclusive Way to the Father.
    This is why the "antis" of today oppose this message. No church, prophet, priest, denomination, water, study, school, training, angels and visions can save. Find Chist this Easter and think of not only what he has done but why there is such opposition to it.

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