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Discussion in 'Goose Hunting Forum' started by evanupnorth, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. evanupnorth

    evanupnorth Refuge Member

    Jun 11, 2016
    Hey guys,

    Being from Central Sask, we typically only field hunt birds, perhaps there are more, but typically most guys don't hunt the water.

    My question is, as lame as it may be..

    Why on mainly any hunting show, even on this forum is most conversation about hunting birds over water, rivers even creating drainages to make man made bodies of water?
    Every guy seams to run a boat of some sort..

    Is this by choice or legal reasons etc??

    I think its something we or at least I miss the boat on up here, and look forward to attempting this fall.
  2. negooseman

    negooseman Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 15, 2013
    I'd guess most geese killed are in dry fields. I think alot of the shows you see are hunting with outfitters that are hunting water/field setups to maximize their return on ducks/geese using the same place.
  3. Wareagle1

    Wareagle1 Senior Refuge Member

    Oct 31, 2014
    Tri Cities, Wa
  4. calstefanko

    calstefanko Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 2, 2017
    Davison, Mi
    I would think that up north where you are at there is nothing but wide open fields and small water, where im at in Michigan you might get 2 to 3 field duck hunts a year, a lot of water hunting for ducks... For geese its a diff story, we mostly hunt those in fields though I have access to a lot of morning roost ponds/ lakes that I can shoot a lot of geese out of... We just don't have as much farmland as you guys do, also leading to a higher number of birds where your at. In my area we are tickled to have near a 1000 geese in my town, ducks I don't see to many at all until late season, the last split maybe seen 300 ducks and thats was the most i've seen all year.
  5. marsh man dan

    marsh man dan Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 25, 2005
    se wisconsin
    Around here it's easier to gain access to hunt water abs all the public hunting grounds are water

    GUNNERX2 Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 14, 2007
    This far south, it is rare to find ducks feeding in a dry field. It does happen but not very often. Late season, the ducks are looking for invertebrates as part of their food requirements for spring nesting and those are going to be found around water sources.
    I'm located in the middle portion of TN and we don't get many migrating geese. Most of our goose hunting is for resident birds. They may be found in a field feeding but that field usually has a water source. The birds hit the water and then wander up into the field to feed.
    So for ducks or geese, water is the main ingredient in hunting them and is what hunters target.
  7. Trevor Shannahan

    Trevor Shannahan Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    Millington, MD
    Most goose hunting is done in dry fields no matter where you are.

    I personally dry field hunt ducks on my lease in SoIL, but it isn't as consistently good down here as it is in SK or even in the Dakotas, and is very spotty where ducks will actually use a dry field
  8. bang you'r dead

    bang you'r dead Canada Forum Mod. Eh! Moderator Flyway Manager

    Apr 9, 2003
    The Pas Manitoba
    If you head east into Manitoba, you will find we have a lot more water, and big water, to hunt . I like both types of hunting. I grew up in NW Ontario, where there is no field hunting , and everything happens on the water, and a lot of it is found in wild rice areas. When I moved to Manitoba, I found out about field hunting , and when big on it for quite a few years, then I was finding it too easy and all you were shooting was mallards and pintails, and it certainly is not as challenging as a good diver hunt, or hunting puddle ducks on the water.. About 6 years ago, I began doing more water hunting again, and 2 or the last three seasons, I hunted primarily in the marsh. This season was different. With all the flooding in the farm areas, the birds concentrated on the fields, and we hunted primarily fields all year, albeit wet flooded fields. It was challenging as to accessing the hunting spots, and getting creative as to how and where you hunted made it a lot of fun. I used my kayak in the fields several times this fall, and that was a neat experience.

    You have to remember that up here, we can generally get access with a quick phone call or a handshake in a driveway. It is different down in the states, where you have areas where nearly all the land is leased , and field hunting opportunity goes to those with a lot of money, and the average guy can't afford it, so it is down to public land or water. A lot of the public land is controlled refuges where you are pulling pills to get a spot for the day, or hunting a small marsh with 30 or 40 other groups of guys every 100 yds. At least with a boat, you can try to get away from the crowd and have the ability to move around and try new areas in an efficient manner.
  9. CA Birdman

    CA Birdman Elite Refuge Member

    Dec 31, 2001
    Elk Grove, CA
    We dry field hunt for specs and snows in harvested rice fields, although this year haven't done many goose hunts in the dry. It is all about access.

    THEIRCOMMITED10 |Moderator Fishing|Call Sponsor| Sponsor Moderator

    Jan 1, 2003
    Bingo . My guess is compared to what you see in Canada . Land in the lower 48 can be a real challenge to get access into depending where your at or how deep your pockets are . In Illinois especially it's hard to walk up to a door and get a handshake ThankYou sir permission . It's possible but next to impossible . I spent a week in sask this year it's night and day difference .

    Water not so bad more access ability for an average working man who wants to hunt when he has time off work .

    The best of both worlds is a man made impoundment as you touched on .
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