Word of the Day, July 27, 2017, Romans 9:3

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    Word of the Day, July 27, 2017

    “ Lord, I see a world that's dying, wounded by the master of deceit, Groping in the darkness, Haunted by the years of past defeat; But then I see You standing near me, Lord, Shining with compassion in Your eyes. Jesus, shine down on me, Let Your love shine through me in the night. “

    Romans 9:3

    3 For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh:

    Last night at church my Pastor used this verse and it hit me really hard. Paul was willing to die, go to hell if it meant that other could be saved.

    I looked up the meaning of accursed because I really want to understand what was being said here. In common speech of Paul’s time it was “ a strong expression of execration (cursing or denouncing or something that is detested) with physical destruction or implied moral worthlessness.”

    Paul did not simply just care for the sake of his fellow countrymen, he was prepared to face death and even willing to deal with the moral degradation of a outcast from the kingdom of Christ for the lost.

    Paul expresses his sorrow for his fellow kinsmen of Israel. He was willing to take the punishment for his Jewish brothers and sisters if it would bring them to the Messiah, Christ Jesus. We know that only Christ can save us, but Paul was willing to die if it would change the hearts and minds of the lost. Like Christ, Paul was willing to sacrifice everything, including his life so that others would have eternal life.

    So I will ask this question to myself first and also to you this morning. Are we willing like Paul to loose everything, our money, our family, our jobs, our friends or social standing or our life for the souls of the lost? Does it hurt to see the lost not coming to know Jesus Christ? How about going to a funeral of someone that does not know Christ, as their personal Lord and Saviour and we never told them about the saving grace of Christ Jesus? Are we willing to make this sacrifice that Paul was talking about and willing to do? Are we willing to give our time, our talents, or money so that the Gospel can be shared in our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, our country or around the world? Are we willing to be accursed for Christ?

    “ When Jesus steps out on a cloud to call his children. The dead in Christ shall rise to meet him in the air and then those that remain will be quickly changed at the Midnight Cry when Jesus comes again.”

    Timothy P. Furness

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