Wow!! It's winter and Krappie's posting like mad!!!

Discussion in 'Fishing Forum' started by Krappie, Jan 2, 2001.

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    Mar 11, 2000
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    Well you can see that I'm hole'd up in the winter months.he,he,he. It's quite apparent by all the posting and surfing that I'm doing on the internet. During the fall and summer I'm usually not around because of the hunting and fishing, but during winter...Well it's time to reflect on the season and talk about it.

    My brothers went out on a lake that we typically fish for muskies this past weekend and did very well on the crappies and bluegills. 20 'keeper" crappies were caught. 6 big bull bluegills. 4 snake northern and about a 36" musky that ran out most of my brother Corey's line and bust him off. Also a couple small walleyes were brought throught the hole. They didn't do as well yesterday, but still managed to catch some fish. Several nice fish had gotten off, but that's always true while fishing.he,he,he.

    My buddy and I went fishing for some bluegills, but that was a sorry state of affairs also. Some really nice fish caught, but all were let go because we didn't catch alot of them. That's fine because I've kept my share of them previously so it's time to release a few. In general, it's been pretty slow, but it usually is at this time of year. Oh well, we will still be trying though.

    catch ya later,

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