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Wsm ??

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting Forum' started by MemStockBroker, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. MTNhntr

    MTNhntr Senior Refuge Member

    Dec 14, 2002
    Sin City, Utah
    Zach & guys make me laugh. Why the hell would you be out in 'Timbuck2' lookin for ammo for a WSM? Good reading, tho. :yes

    I'fn you don't know your gun, or have the cartridges to begin with, then you're both idiots.:scratch It only takes ONE WELL PLACED SHOT to bring down any animal.

    Any well seasoned nimrod does NOT go afield without ample ammunition.:cool:
  2. wigeonmeister

    wigeonmeister Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    But then again, Carlos Hathcock, if all you need is that "one well-placed shot", why do you need extra ammo to begin with? :l
  3. Waterproof

    Waterproof Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Brighton, CO
    I have also said you shouldn't be afield without ammo, but mistakes happen to the best of them out there. If you end up 100's of miles from somewhere that doesn't have your ammo, you shouldn't be out in the woods by yourself anyway.

    Nice to see you post back up with more of your brilliant observations though, thanks. :bow

  4. tennduckdog

    tennduckdog Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 3, 2004
    It is my opinion that ALL the WSM's are here to stay, the WSSM's not so much... I shoot a 7mm RemMag and a 7mm WSM and prefer the WSM for a few reasons but would not discount the RemMag its due. Zack, I don't consider Coopers to be custom rifles in the true sense of the word, but they are well made low production rifles and I share your interest in quality rifles. With custom rifles you have the option of having the smith cut the chamber to SAAMI specs or to custom specs, if the shooter is also a reloader there wouldn't be MUCH point dropping a few grand on a rifle with SAAMI chamber dimensions. That is unless the gun is going to be used in special circumstances. That said, it is my opinion that the chamber and crown are the most important aspects of a rifles accuracy next to the dummy behind the trigger. Anyways, back on subject. There is a reason that the WSM's were developed and in fact they are not unique or new in their design, benchrest guys have been going short and fat for years before marketing ever brought short and fat to the mainstream. One reason is that given equal case capacity and powder volumes and all other elements being equal, a short fatty is going to have a more efficient powder burn than its long lean bretheren due to the ignition penetrating the powder column more fully. Some argue that for the reloader the WSM's are better because they can burn less powder for the same results as their comparables (7mm RM vs 7wsm, 300winmag vs 300wsm), to me the powder volume arguement is moot since I don't feel it is enough powder to waste my time thinking about and I'm sure there are exceptions. The advantages that get me excited are the ones I can actually benifit from when it comes to powder burn efficiency, hell, I probably spill more powder on the floor than some are argueing about! The complete burn and efficient ignition of the powder does two things tangible things that are benificial to me. First it allows me to use less barrel to get the same velocities......meaining I can either have a handier rifle if I don't want the longer barrel. Second, the more consistant burn is going to increase accuracy. If the bullet leaves the muzzle before there is a complete powder burn then your rifle is being robbed of accuracy because your next shot may have a complete burn giving you swings in velocity. Burn ALL the powder ALL the time. Another advantage that the reloader gets out of the WSMs over the comparables is the shoulder geometry of the brass, the WSM's have a 35* shoulder angle as opposed to the 25* angle of the 7mm and 300 magnums and the 17* angle of the 270 winchester. This means little to someone who buys a box of bullets a year of factory ammo and doesn't reload or shoot much, but to me it means less brass flow which = less case trimming....something I hate doing. One last advantage that I like about the 7mm and 300 WSM's over the remmag and winmag versions is that they are not based on belted cases so they're headspaced off the shoulder rather than the belt.....not a big deal really but IMO it is a better design feature.

    All that said, I would not say that WSM's are far superior to other offerings of the same caliber, but they are different and offer advantages over some. Ballistically, they are similar under my definition. For the handloader there are a few added benifits as well. As far as ammo availablity goes, I wouldn't be too worried about it since I don't recall ever being in any ammo stores, in North America, that don't carry all the WSM's. I would't be as comfortable carrying a WSM to Africa though.

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