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    My brother and I just got home from our first Sage Grouse hunt. We spent three days in Wyoming with GWIREHAIR, his brother,nephew and niece. We had two trucks pulling dog trailers full of wirehairs and setters accross the high desert. I hunted with GWIREHAIR's wirehairs Moose, Max, and Brew. Brew is new to GWIREHAIR's kennel and the most stylish short-tailed dog I've ever seen on point. Of course I've never seen any dog point an Antelope before. :l :l :l
    We followed those wirehairs over a bunch of miles and we found enough birds to keep the dogs going. Someone even killed one or two. I won't mention the birds that flew right through the center of those shot patterns.
    If you're a serious upland hunter you've got to get out in that country and chase those chickens around for a bit. Of course if you're an old guy like me, you better get at it soon because there are a lot of miles between birds. The birds live in big beautiful country and that country is populated with some of the friendliest folks you'll ever meet. Chicken hunting is great.

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