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Ya' never know...

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting Forum' started by WoodieSC, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. WoodieSC

    WoodieSC North/South Carolina Flyway Forum Moderator Flyway Manager

    Sep 29, 2000
    My deer hunting partner and I have spent plenty of hours in the woods out back this year and have only seen a couple of does on a few occasions. We were out again this morning for a couple of hours and got skunked... again. He dropped me off at my place and headed to his place, which is just on the other side of the woods from my house. He called about 10 minutes later and says "You'll never guess what just happened".

    As he turned into his driveway, a large, massive beamed 8 pointer is standing amongst the trees in his front yard. As he drove up it ran across the road and headed in my direction. If I had stayed out there in my tree stand he would have run right by me.

    We've been looking for that 8 pointer for 2 years now and this is the first time either of us have seen him since early last year.

    Oh well... there's always next year. :nutz
  2. Rick Godsey

    Rick Godsey Elite Refuge Member

    Mar 6, 2002
    Cold Spring NY
    That's why we do it year after year... we know there's a pot of gold under the rainbow. Couple of years back was trying to get a boss gobbler in for my son. Several times he would hang there run. well one day my son goes to fish a creek in the area and takes his shotgun. low and behold he saw the bird got set and busted him across the creek. He ended his fishing trip quick that day.

  3. Packman

    Packman Elite Refuge Member

    Oct 12, 2001
    Merrill, WI
    And then you can have what happend to us this year.

    My cousin's opening morning track had two doe tracks side by side in it second day, 6 inches behind, it was a buck track alomst as wide as the two does tracks.

    We never saw a horn until we went 220 miles south.:eek: Yet shot five does up north three of them were over 3 1/2 y/o

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