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    So why does dad tell the child it is wrong, but give him the "wink?"

    You honestly do not see the contradiction here???

    Good intentions but bad actions? Are we rewarded or punished for our intentions or our actions?

    I see nothing simple about the interpretation of religious values or the bible... Many different Christian parents would have a vastly different take on the scenario that you provided, just as many different religious scholars would have a different take on our actions during WWII....
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    I can only show you what Gods word and Jesus' words were. I posted them both earlier. I can't make you want to understand.

    Can you imagine a parent trying to delineate all of the acceptable instances where fighting might actually be ok? Protecting a sibling, a woman, a child, the defenseless, the mentally challenged, an on and on and on. It is impossible to define every possible circumstance. It only makes sense to say it is not to happen at all and then to understand all of the instances where it makes sense. You know in your heart when what you do is right or wrong.
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    The new Testament says that we should submit to government authority. Because of this war and capital punishment can be 'waged' by the government authorities and supported by Christians even when Christian individuals are prohibited from evoking those activities themselves.
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