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Discussion in 'Christian Forum' started by TFhunterCU, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    Hey yall, just found this forum and I think it is pretty awesome there is a christian forum on a hunting site. I am a volunteer Field Staffer for team flyers which is just a bunch of college age guys like me that all are christians, who have a passion/addiction to hunting. I just got a new war eagle this past summer and I can't wait to put it out and get to hunting with it. My goal is to take more nonchristians with me this season. I always take a few buddies who I know are christians but I said that with this new boat that is such a blessing and i know has been a burden on my parents financially that I want God to receive full glory for what happens with it. It takes a lil courage to get up and reach out to someone you know isn't a christian and just hope God blesses you with the opportunity to spread the word of Jesus Christ. I dont want to seem like an advertising guy but just wanted to let people know about their new video for this season, which would be great for younger people since its christian guys doing something they love. if you want to check out the promo look on youtube and search Young Guns-Relentless DVD Promo (Duck and Goose Hunting). anyways i will definitely be posting more on this forum, and any advice or prayers for spreading the word of Christ through hunting would be great, thanks in advance. Any private messages yall want to send would be fine too.
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    Welcome to the forum TF !

    Its exciting to be able to share the word of God, while duck hunting !

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