Youth Goose Hunt

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    Youth Goose Hunt December 15th-16th 2007::eek:

    Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Cibola,AZ.:cool:

    Registration will be on a first come first served basis and will be limited to 60 kids.This weekend hunt and cookout will be FREE of charge.Campsite will be near the hunting area and all kids will need to check in on friday the 14th.

    Volunteers and Donations will be greatly appreciated in order to make this event a success.This will become an annual event.

    For registration contact
    Debbie Hovatter (928)210-7304 or

    Donations can be made to:
    Southwest Arizona H.P.C P.O. box 543 Whinterhaven,Ca 92283 Attn: Junior Waterfowl.

    Chris Klasen (520) 940-2789
    Kevin O'Connell (520) 975-3098

    In cooperation with Cibola N.W.R.,Arizona Game & Fish dept. and DUCKS UNLIMITED.:clap

    Thank You
    Jason Knight
    Dristrict Chairman
    Ducks Unlimited Colorado River
    Lake Havasu City AZ

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