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    Thats exactly the point DB. :)

    No reason why kids cant be taken througout the whole season. The Youth Hunt at the end of the season is just a fun way to end the waterfowl season and put all the attention and emphasis on the kids.

    I think if the Youth Hunt was moved to the begining of the season then many people would be too pre-occupied with getting their stuff ready and scouting than to focus on having a special Youth day. Plus factor in the heat and mosquito's and your really turn someone's first experience duck hunting into a miserable one.

    The Youth Season is fine where its at.

    At the Youth Events our Delta Waterfowl Florida Chapters put together we had well over 60 kids attending our youth hunt and half of them being new hunters. I know at the TM Goodwin event I fed at least a 100 people.

    We had a bunch of prizes for the kids donated from Black Water Decoy company, H&K, Dokken, Macks Prairie wings, Avery, RNT, Haydels, Flextone Duck calls and Hi-viz sights. Each Kid walked away with a great prize and a duck call. Plus they had a great day in the marsh with pleny of opportunities to take birds.

    Now that sounds like a pretty good day for the kids. ;)

    Like we've been saying........If something isn't broke then I there is no reason to try and change it.

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