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    Sep 16, 2005
    The first morning I took my brother out, we had no idea where the birds were roosted so we just went in just before daybreak and listened for gobbles. We got on a group of birds going crazy and I started fighting with some hens on the mouth call. One bird started responding to my calling to the other side of us. We quickly switched positions, but in a panic I forgot to move the decoys, I realized that once we sat down. It was too late, the bird was closing in fast, so I just prayed for the best. In less than a minute I saw his fan, and then his head, huge bird. I guess I was just enough higher in elevation where I would of had a perfect shot, so I kept saying "shoot him, shoot him" and my brother kept responding "I can't see him" That bird found out real quick what was going on and took off. So we moved on to the edge of a field where we heard 5-6 birds still gobbling in the timber above it. So we set up, did some calling and before long 3 jakes made their way into the field, they came about halfway across the field then cutback across the edge, I thought they went back into the woods, but as I started to get up I saw them coming down the hedgerow. It wasn't long before the made their way about 10 yards out in front of my brother. He told me at 13 years old that he is a bit of a trophy hunter because his first spring gobbler last year was a dandy of a two-year old. But, I guess something took over him, knowing he would probably want to pass on a lowly jake and go back after the boss gobbler we spotted I said "it's up to yo-BOOOM! Thankfully we were able to get back to the house before we all got sun burnt.


    You also may notice the re-painted B-Mobile, the turkey hunters forum inspired me.

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