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Discussion in 'Gun Dog Forum' started by TRUENORTH, Aug 21, 2006.


    TRUENORTH Refuge Member

    Jul 17, 2002
    Ottawa, CAN
    I would like to purchase a bumper trowing training aid and was hoping to get some feed back. I am looking at purchasing the Bumper Boy or the Zinger Winger.

    The Zinger is more expensive and can launch only 1 bird or bumber as opposed to the Derby Double that is less expensive, comes with sound and can launch 2 bumpers.

    For those that already own either one of these training, can you provide any issues with them or pros and cons..

    Much appreciated.
  2. roxie

    roxie Moderator Moderator

    Jul 16, 2000

    This question is common, with usually the same consensus....both have their strong and weak suits.

    I use both the Bumper Boys and Zinger Wingers--and I enjoy the advantages of each. Some keys points to consider are:

    * Wingers can throw both bumpers and birds. The Bumper Boys cannot effectively throw birds.

    * Wingers are 'single shots' that require re-loading after each launch. BB's are multi-launch depending on configuration.

    * Wingers are larger in size and take up more space; however, they weigh about the same as BB's.

    * Wingers require the purchase of a separate remote release system (e.g., Dogtra RRD), whereas the BB's come with their own remote release.

    * BB's are powered by a .22 cal. blank, whereas they wingers use force only and do not require ammo (except to provide a shot-sound from the gunner station, if desired).

    * Both are typically very low maintenance.

    * Replacement parts are usually easily obtained for both.

    Many debate the ability to throw birds. However, the reality of it is that most amateur trainers cannot afford to toss birds on a daily basis. Therefore, a more economical approach to the problem is to use BB's for daily training and then utilize a friend or training partner to hand-throw birds when available.

    Best of luck with your decision.
  3. Lab Man

    Lab Man Moderator Moderator

    Mar 11, 2000
    Sac City, Iowa United States

    Hit that pretty much on the head. I personally use all wingers because I like to use birds majority of the time. I hire a bird boy to load my wingers between dogs. If the bird boy is not available, it does a heart good to get a little walking in between dogs. I am a dealer for both bumper boy and Zinger Winger. Let me know if you need any prices.
  4. mad_angler

    mad_angler Senior Refuge Member

    Jul 21, 2003
    South central Wisconsin
    I am torn with the same decision right now: Winger or Bumper Boy.

    I am leaning towards the Bumper boy. The deciding factor may be the fact that wingers can't help a young dog. With a bumper boy, I can make sound or launch another bumper.

    Am I missing something?
  5. gldret

    gldret Senior Refuge Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    West Suffield, CT
    It is compromise, neither is perfect, and Roxie summed it up pretty well. For me the question is how much training do you want to do with birds? I started with wingers and added a bumper boy.
  6. Gunners Up

    Gunners Up Guest


    What I would consider buying is a Gunners Up Son of A Gun with a DogTra Electronics. The total cost is $625.00 and will have the Duck Call, Fires a 209 Primer, operates up to 400 yards and above all throws a duck and bumpers. The Son Of A Gun is compact and will easily fit into your SUV or truck bed. Another thing to consider is if you are training in the city you can throw marks without having a shot to disturb the neighbors. You can add up to 5 future launchers at a cost of $485 a piece completely loaded with electronics. :tu

    Also, Gunners Up is the only winger manufacture that offers a plug and play adaptor so you can use your Bumber Boy Electronics saving you more money.

    Lastly, we just got back from the HRC Grand in Maud, Texas where Gunners Up is the official launcher and we put approximately 6500 marks through 16 launchers in a 4 day period of time without a problem. We've been the official launcher of the Grand for the last 3 years so I guess we're doing something right! :cool:

    Just something to consider.....

    Rich Davis
    Gunners Up
  7. NBHunter

    NBHunter Elite Refuge Member

    Jan 2, 2006
    North Bend, OR
    I have to tell ya that I spent the last month trying to decide what to do over the same issue. A buddy of mine is a Bumper Boy guy that loves them. The pro who FF him is a Zinger Winger guy. Last night I talked to Mark at Coon River Kennels, and he was really helpful. Didn't put any pressure on me to go one way or the other and told me about any issues he's had with all the different products and told me what he sees as the advantages to each type. In the end I went with the Zinger Winger, and really, it isn't any more $$ for those than it is for Bumper Boys by the time you add in the Advanced Sound. It's an even better deal when you consider that if you want to throw birds, you have to buy a basket for another $50. I figured for the Derby Double to be set up like I wanted it was going to run me about $750, and I got my Wingers for a bit over $600 each. The one thing I really fretted over was the fact that with a BB I could throw 2 marks with one machine, which would be nice, but I figured to do what I want to do I was going to have at least 2 BB's or Wingers, so I chose the Winger.

    Call Mark and talk to him. He's a great guy that will get you set up one way or the other. I'm sure there are others here that can help you out as well. You can't find any of these things on ebay or the fuge classified adds most of the time. If you do, they usually aren't any cheaper than you can get them from someone here.

    Good Luck :sp
  8. Tall Gunner

    Tall Gunner Banned

    Nov 11, 2006
    Best thing about the Derby Double, is the double........

    Train by yourself mostly???

    It's not like you have to shoot birds everyday, and that's where the expandle double really pays off.......

    I looked at both as well.... hmmmm.......walk out 100+ yards and reload a single launcher, or shoot a double, or quad with the derby double?

    I wonder if that DD bumper will fit up a ducks &&%? :sp Incoming........:l :l
  9. mjh345

    mjh345 Banned

    Dec 11, 2006
    I train alone a lot so I vote BB
  10. Goosehunterdog

    Goosehunterdog Elite Refuge Member

    Feb 21, 2004
    I usually train alone and have both.I mainly use birds for land marks but use dokken's or bumpers on water.Roxie pretty much hit the nail on the head.You truely can't go wrong with either one.I have two wingers with remotes that will make calls and fire without anyones help and the Bumper Boy.Good Luck on your decision.

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