Zoom Dog Itchy Skin?

Discussion in 'Gun Dog Forum' started by Marylandwhitetail, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Mar 4, 2011
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    I have a female chocolate Lab that's a little over a year old that gets bad skin rashes to the point of scabbing up. Her skin always seem a little on the dry side/white flaky now and then.
    The vet is telling me it's coming from swimming in the river and not being rinsed off immediately? Reality is that just not always possible.

    We also have 2 pretty good size goldfish ponds in the yard that I have kinda fenced off that she will still put her front legs in and drink out of even when she has a clean water bowel available. Is drinking the pond water bad for her?

    Yesterday the vet but her on 2 antibiotics,benadryl and a twice a week medicated shampoo to heal her up.

    I came across an ad in the back of DU mag for Zoom dog Itchy skin anyone have a any experience with it or other suggestion for dry skin?

    I feel so bad she gets this brokeout but she just loves the water and it's so hard to keep her out of it.
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    Mar 23, 2012
    Hydrocept Shampoo is a shampoo for designed for retrievers. It won't deplete the natural oils in the retrievers coat, so it can be used more often to keep them clean.
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    many things to comment on here.

    1. i am from the area- keep your dogs out of the sassafras and elk now. there are extensive algal blooms going on. google "microcystis", it can be VERY bad. it can cause rashes in humans, dogs wouldnt be much different. it has been known to kill dogs if too much is ingested.

    2. my lab has very bad allergies. i do use the zoom dog. i did notice a difference when i stopped it for a short time. so i use it every day. shadow, my lab has had recurring skin infections for all of his 6.5 years. he has been on every steroid and antibiotic known to man and beast. he was a compulsive foot licker too. he is on hypo allergenic food too. well, i finally broke down, shelled out the money, and took him to a specialist- dermatologist/allergist. worth every penny. they know what they are doing. biggest problem was the infections he had were antibotic resistant. once they were treated properly, they cleared up, and have not come back! he is on allergy shots now. we'll see how they go.

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