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Hung some drywall, painted a couple walls, and watched 7 episodes of Ozark. With any luck I'll have my basement finished by the time Governor Prickster lifts our "Shelter in Place" in Illinois.
My little corner of the world is overrun with these suckers. Yesterday I saw that they have started to damage my deck piers and siding. In the evening last night I counted 17 in the trees and on the ground around my house while I was grilling. It's never been this bad.
First I'm what You call a New B. Thank you for letting me share about this wonderful sport of Sculling and Decoying. I have been on and off the Water Hunting ducks for 57 yr.
Started my hunting at 15, tagging along in my Gpa's back pocket at around 8 yrs old.
I'm now 72, Decoying a little more then out of my scull. But when I scull it becomes a great day.

I am going to have to go with a Widgeon
You can call them with a whistle. Don't
Eat to bad if you can get where the .
Want to be it can be fast an furious.
On the last hunt of the season, as we were paddling back to the truck. We jumped some ducks. They circled and came right back over us about 45 yds. My hunting partner in an epic display of skybusting, missed three times. I meanwhile, made a spectacular single shot kill on this trophy ringneck hen.

Any suggestions on how to best prepare this feast?
I've seen there are clothing exchanges on the other forums for kids stuff and wanted to see if anyone interested in doing one here.

My boy is 6 and with how quickly they grow it would be awesome to have a spot to exchange clothing with others who also have growing kids. Pass on old stuff..... pick up bigger stuff....
We went to a private land spot we get to hunt a couple times a year that has been a go to on the junior hunt.
Mine was a hand me down 16gauge .
Harrington Richardson single barrel.
My Pop gave it to me l stiil have it.
Needs some work to make it safe .
Easy for me 1 Mountain Dew and another
Mountain Dew pray we get done quick

Are gonna get checked in tomorrow
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