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Good hunting! Post 'em up!
I have some old hunting and fishing pics on my web site and month after month the web stats show more search string hits with "old hunting pics" than anything else.
Was very happy with the way Cali performed today. She got excited and broke when Refugeguy crushed a Widgeon once and even retrieved a tule once just because she could.
Boar - Copy.jpg So I was sitting at the edge of a swamp, hoping for a few wood ducks that never showed up. ( I heard one fly over in the dark but never saw it.) As I was sitting there I heard some pigs making lot of noise behind me. Sounded like a couple of big ones fighting.

I gave up on the ducks after about a half hour and walked up to the edge of a field with my binoculars to take a look. I saw a HUGE hog about two hundred yards away running right at me.

I hobbled back to the truck on my bad knees which was about 50 yds away and grabbed my deer rifle. When I got back to the edge of the field the hog was running back and forth about 150 yds away grunting. I put the crosshairs on his shoulder as he was walking to the right and squeezed the trigger. I heard the bullet whack home and he didn't even flinch! He ran to my left. I aimed for his nose as he was running and shot again. I heard it whack home again and this time he slowed down. I had to shoot one more time to put him down for good. I was shooting a .270. Both shots hit the shoulder and the last was in the neck. 130 grain soft point and none exited.

He weighed over 300 lbs and was covered in scars from fighting. Them things are tough!

I've friended and hunted with three young fellows each marring the past year or so. And each of their wives hunt,... for now.

Whose wife still hunts with them!
ever try it? I follow an Inuit hunting page on Facebook and this was posted. When I was stationed in Alaska I would have definitely tried it if I knew about it but this is the first I’ve heard of it.
I got ahold of some really nice looking bellies from some Tamworth crosses and I decided to try a new formula for bacon. It worked out.
Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Don't see many carved birds on here anymore. Just finished this one. Dark cork, juniper head, painted with traditions acrylics. First one I've made in a few years. I plan to hunt it in a couple of weeks then give it to a friend for Christmas in return for the hunt.
I searched for it and found very little on here. Seems like only 1 guy had them previously. Anybody have one now.
Getting ready for our annual Black Duck Smack Down weekend. Me and a buddy have hunted the MLK 3-day weekend focusing on Scoters and bluebills (now Brant as well) every year for the last 12 years.
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