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I need to man vent

I know it's been talked about and know it isn't going to change anytime soon. But the price of decoys are ridiculous and they're resale value is crazy as well. I'm a big component of the free market. But the raw material and overseas manufacturing is so cheap to be charging these prices. Someone has to come out with a decently priced decoys. $300+ per dozen is insane. Everyone is always going crazy over REALISM. You realize people kill geese over silhouette (literally pictures of birds on a stick) and even trash bags. I'm blessed to have a good paying job. But I don't know how the average hunter does it. I hate spending that much money on principle

Alright I'm done crying. But I'm still mad
Not how old you act please, your actual age.

I'm 53 years old, but don't feel a day over 63 years old and I've been hooked on quack for 46 years. Can't get enough of calling and watching birds react to the call. Without the calling aspect of hunting waterfowl, I most likely would have lost interest many, many years ago.
It used to amaze me to see how birds reacted to my fathers calling, when I was a youngster and I've loved hunting birds ever since.The things that hold me back these days is lack of birds in the area, lack of funds and back, neck and nerve pain in my hands and legs and feet.
My favourite all time goose hunt. Baby girl had made a duck decoy out of cardboard and I put a piece of cpvc pipe on it for a stake and we had to use it. I let her blow the goose call and low and behold in come to greaters locked and feet down. They fell right in the decoys. She tells everyone that her decoy and calling pulled them right in. She had the time of her life. She's not ready to shoot yet but it was nothing but high fives when I dropped them.
"“This day is about getting families to come out with their youngsters and enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, archery and target shooting,” he said. “Mixed in will be some education about why wetlands and other natural areas are important to us all, and how they need to be conserved.”"
I seen their new Honkers on their FB page. Oh man. Those look scary good.
So what's the best value in breathable waders these days? It's been a long time since I've nought waders but it's anout that time and I think I wanna try the breathables. I've always been a Lacrosse guy for neoprenes, are their breathables as good?
How about stocking foots? Seem like they'd be nice when walking long distances.
What's the braintrust say?
Just a few finished up and shipping out




Starting to think about a pond. I attached an overview. House is in the NW corner. Tiny pond east of the house that only holds water a few days after a rain. Don't think it began life as a pond.

Buildings in the Sw corner are gone as is all the cedars along the roads and fence lines. A ditch separates my two fields and empties into a creek just off the property line. Where do you start with planning a pond? I am in a flyway and only a mile from a large lake.
I've been looking for a duck boat for a long time, I jumped the gun and bought one last summer but decided it was a little small, its amazing how different the same lake feels when the water gets cold and the wind picks up. After looking and looking for a new boat that better suited my needs I finally found one, the only downside was it was 10 hours away in Tulsa.
So her's what I started with, its a little rough but has good bones and it built very stoutly. IMG_2238-1.JPG IMG_2256.JPG IMG_2255.JPG
I am in awe of the job Pat Pitt did for me. It turned out awesome!

Backstory: I've been hunting Arkansas timber for 30+ years. I personally have never killed a pintail in the timber, only in fields. This past duck season, everything was pretty locked up but we had a small bit of open water in our hole. 7 of us hunting. Several groups of mallards working us and 7 pintail come flying over. As they come over the hole, with the hen in the lead, she turns on a dime and the rest follow and fall straight from the sky. We shot all 7 at about 10 feet off the water. We were all in shock.

So, that's the reason for all 7 mounted together, all the drakes surrounding the hen and coming through the trees.
Pintail2.JPG Pintail3.JPG Pintail4.JPG Pintail5.JPG
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