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Made it out with my dad Saturday morning and was looking forward to putting him on a bird. We've never had much luck while hunting turkeys together but I was hoping for a change in success. Having not scouted the property the night before we went in early hoping to just find a bird on the roost. Ended up hearing gobblers all over the property when we stepped out of the pickup. Went in on the closest ones, what sounded to be three toms and another two or three down the canyon a couple hundred yards. Got set up about a 100-150 yards away and got a lot of response when I would call but as soon as they pitched down out of the tree they went the opposite direction. We noticed all the noise kept heading away from us so we elected to pick up and try and get in front of them and set up again. We played cat and mouse with these turkeys for over an hour and a half trying to pick the right spot in the timber to come in front of them and each time we chose the wrong spot. We never did spook them but they were constantly on the move while feeding. My dad suggested we split up so I ended up keeping after the birds we've been chasing and he went to a new spot. Finally was able to get within a reasonable distance from two toms and two hens. I didn't have time to set up any decoys so I just laid on my stomach and started calling. Coaxed the hens my way and the toms followed in suit. Put the hammer down on a nice tom at 15 yards. Had my dad just stayed with me he could have easily shot the other tom. He had a 9" beard and 1/2" spurs. All in all it was an awesome hunt and we had beautiful weather, except it was a bit windy. Couldn't beat the scenery also. Guess I'll have to buy another permit. :)

Unplugged guns. Some fun:

Tom B.
Has anyone here tried the new and improved black cloud loads? Different wad, cleaner powder, better water resistance, etc. I'm thinking about buying a case just for the hell of it. They are supposed to pattern 36-41% better and be more consistent.
Any big ones out there ?.

I needed a 3 man steel blind with a dog box and being the cheap Bastaige I am building one.
I bought 3 steel containers from a Olive processor that are made out of 1/4 steel with a 3 inch lip all the way around. Its going in another pasture that gets flooded and the birds pile into it.

3 foot square and 4 feet deep, 600 lbs each. I'm welding a 16 inch foot all the way around it to back fill around it.

I would love to bury this blind flush with ground and have a adjustable sleeve that I can raise and lower with water depth. I haven't quite figured that out yet.
Hit Lake Union in downtown Seattle today. Spotted the Cornelia Marie and the Saga.
It did not look like the Cornelia Marie had moved for some time The Captain Josh Harris claims the boat is not for sale. The boat missed the 2016-2017 crabbing season.
SanJuanGlenn DSC_0220.JPG DSC_0221.JPG DSC_0222.JPG DSC_0223.JPG DSC_0220.JPG DSC_0221.JPG
Leaving to head up to Hat Creek to open up the cabin for the season. A little snow on the road at about 6000 Ft., but we should have clear ground at my place. After raking pine needles for a couple days, on Saturday/Sunday I should get in some trout fishing. Always interesting to see what the winter storms have done to the streambed/fishing holes. Good luck to all!!
Been awhile since we have done this...sorry about that!!!!

Here`s what we have. On the last run of Army Man Green Quack Ops we had a slight issue with engraving on 6 calls. So to save the barrels we had the band area turned down and I added a black acrylic band with RM Calls and Quack Ops to the back side and glued it all up. This is the last remaining one and NOT something I`m gonna carry in stock is a 1 of 6.

To will need to post in this thread and give a shout out to either our soldiers, police officers or fire fighters. If you do not send them some love and respect and your number is drawn I will draw another number plain and simple. This post will not count, so we will use a random number generator to select a number from 2 to ? The drawing for the call will be on May 1, 2017 2100 hrs or 9 PM EST.

Good luck to all and GOD BLESS!!

Wood ducking season is in full effect already! Thought I would share a few pictures here to see if anyone else had any good ones from this season that they wanted to share. Feel free to post them here!

This year with the heavy rainfall, I am hoping for an exceptional hatch. One thing that I did notice is the weeds are almost 6 to 7 feet tall in some places, so I have had to trim them back around the boxes and even cut paths for baby wood ducks to the water at some boxes.

Anyhow, enjoy the photos and please post your own if you can!

Got a couple good photos of this girl from my game camera before she hatched out her clutch and moved on. Who says orchards cant be duck friendly?? The birds appear to actually really like the boxes I have put in our small walnut orchard this year.

I swear she is smiling for the camera here......


Here's an example of what i mean by the huge weed growth. The local mallard are LOVING it.
My buddy Sam and I have been at it for a few weeks now. We've been defeated more times this season, than any previous season that I can remember. Our last hunt out there, about two weeks ago, every time we had a working bird, a hen would run in yelping and steal him away. One tom in particular, flew down from a ridge above, crossed a fence line and was heading straight towards us, when a hen came out of nowhere... he stopped in his tracks about 100 yards away, ended up breeding with her and Sam and I couldn't do anything but watch. We were hopeful that our hunt on Sunday would be different, and it was... but not at first.

Sunday morning, we decided to sit in an area that we've always talked about hunting, up on the hill. Birds always cross there and the hill ties into a big ridge line on an adjacent property, 1000's of acres of open land. As we're setting up the decoys and the blind, birds are lighting up the rolling hills and California oaks all around us. We count about 10-12 birds, and we're thinking... today is going to be the day. When the birds hit the ground it sounded like we had a group of 3 working our way, but then we heard a hen, once again... deal breaker. The morning would continue like this, hens all around us and no sight of the toms. They were there, definitely in the area, though they went fairly silent about mid morning. We heard a hen behind us, before we knew it, we could hear her purring right behind the blind. I peaked out the window, couldn't see her due to all the brush, but I thought, man.... she sounds like she's right there. As the morning continued, we finally had a single bird working in from the big property. Closer and closer he got, until I caught movement out of my side of the blind, there he was... but he was about 70-80 yards out and running for what seemed like, his life. He certainly was, because right behind him was a cow chasing after him. I kid you not, and it's actually not the first time we have watched one of them...
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