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Anyone have a good recipe or style of cooking to share... ???
I finally figured out a reasonable setup for using one decoy for both a Texas Rig set, and a Main Line set. Takes about a second to switch out rig.
I woke Zac up at 5:45 and asked him if he wanted to go dove hunting with me. He popped up with a big smile on his face and said "YEAH"!
Just sitting here at work wishing it were duck season.
Thought I would share my gadwall trio I got done this last season.

Look closely and you can see the International Space Station passing the sun's face...

What is everybody's food/beverage to eat in the blind ?
Morning Fellas -
Well, its finally started. We got this old log cabin for my Missus' last Nov. for her birthday. Turns out, it was from her mothers' side of the family 150 yrs ago, but didn't know it until after we bought it. She has always wanted one but we had no idea how to put one up. A good friend of ours did and he volunteered for the project.

What a job this is. And, let me tell you, these old Popular sticks are HEAVY!
The dims are approx. 15 x 16 and will be about 7 1/2' tall on the in-side walls. We will have a front porch of some size, depending mainly on what size old timbers and barn wood I can scrounge.


so far, its taken 3 full days to get it this far.



I reckon we'll start on the roof trusses next week. Then the chinking. She sure is a happy camper. Little Maggie Mae will have a nice cool spot to sleep under the porch.

I hope this project don't get in the way of Crappie Fishin'.....

Me, Maggie, & Stuff'........
Activity at the feeder has gone up as they are getting ready for the big migration.
The Guardian of the feeder

Some Juveniles



Today I was at the river and the swallows were lined up thick on the high lines.
They are migrating already.
I have only seen this once before in 1979 and we had a hard winter.
Our duck hole froze up early.

So it will be interesting.
I need to man vent

I know it's been talked about and know it isn't going to change anytime soon. But the price of decoys are ridiculous and they're resale value is crazy as well. I'm a big component of the free market. But the raw material and overseas manufacturing is so cheap to be charging these prices. Someone has to come out with a decently priced decoys. $300+ per dozen is insane. Everyone is always going crazy over REALISM. You realize people kill geese over silhouette (literally pictures of birds on a stick) and even trash bags. I'm blessed to have a good paying job. But I don't know how the average hunter does it. I hate spending that much money on principle

Alright I'm done crying. But I'm still mad