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I had scouted turkeys for a week in hopes that my son, daughter and I could score a triple on a nearby private parcel we had permission to hunt.

There were several hens and nine jakes passing through daily. But...sometimes they showed up at 9am, sometimes noonish, other times not until mid to late afternoon.

Yesterday was the day to try. Taking no chances, we were set up at 5:45am.

Unfortunately, my 12 year old daughter got cold and bored by 8:30am and bailed to the truck to call mom for an extraction.

Understanding we might be in for a long sit, my son passed the time by napping.

The birds showed up at about 10:30am. Four hens and a gang of jakes. The boss hen gave our DSD lookout hen a good thrashing as a couple jakes strutted nearby. Meanwhile my son and I picked a out couple shortbeards to aim at. The countdown commenced...3, 2, 1, boom! I guess a double will have to do.

Turkey noodle soup for dinner tonight.

IMG_1693.jpg IMG_1692.JPG
Nevada bowhunter harvests new world record typical mule deer

Photo credit: Frank Cheeney via Pope and Young
It’s official: Nevada bowhunter Frank Cheeney now holds the world record for largest typical mule deer ever taken with a bow. Cheeney shot the monster buck on Aug. 13, 2016 while hunting with his son, Aaron, in southeastern Nevada. Luck was on his side as they stalked through the dusty sagebrush, trying to edge closer to a group of bucks bedded down. While Cheeney waited for a shot, the largest in the bunch stood, making this hunt one for the record books.

“As luck would have it, the breeze was blowing straight in my face as I headed towards the bucks,” said Cheeney in a press release. “They seemed oblivious to my presence. As fate would have it, the biggest buck stood up from his bed. I drew my bow and with the deer in my sights I let the arrow fly.”

That buck was measured during the Pope And Young Club’s (P&Y) 30th Biennial Convention by two separate panels consisting of qualified measurers as well as a Boone & Crockett representative. Cheeney’s buck scored 205 6/8", topping the previous typical mule deer world record at 205 0/8".

“This was the first time the Pope and Young Club has used a Special Panel for verification of a potential World Record trophy,” said Ed Fanchin, P&Y Records Chairman, in a press release. “The score was authenticated and this tremendous mule deer was declared the new Pope and Young Club World Record typical mule deer. Congratulations to Frank Cheeney and to the Nevada Department of Wildlife for using successful wildlife management practices. It’s great to know...

I have one and they are smart.