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I pick mine as I like a whole duck with skin on.
Guess I'm from the old school.
Well kind of...So this weekend I joined buddy Big Wayne and several others for some geoduck hunting along other critters of the mud..

We ran way way north in the valley and had a great time, we had some rookies to make it interesting..
Boxing limits for 11 of washingtons, horse necks and double fits of geoducks was pretty tough but we got it done... Thanks Big Wayne, Saturday night Wayne cooked up some of his famous clam chowder that is to die for !!
We also had a surprise guess that stopped by totting a bag of oysters and other goodies...Thanks Jim Dandy..

We all seen tail gate shots of dead ducks so let me get right to the great eats part..

So on the menu for this very special day for our country we had steamed Washington clams, stuff clam in the shell, clam fettuccine, sauted geoduck steaks... man... i'm stuff..

So you need a few of these

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Before you guys start throwing out insults or the worn out short bus statement think about it. People on this forum have been bitching about refuge too high shooting, lack of hunter concealment, poor calling skills, too many flippers, getting crowded on or just the general B Nugget crowd. How about turning one of the refuges to a 20 gauge only hunting area. No flippers and 2 3/4 inch 20 gauge shells only . Have blinds set up only in areas that shoot well by hunters selected that know the refuges well where birds traffic only. Not dead blinds with no shooting set up by the state or feds. This might bring back the skill of concealment, calling, decoy placement and bringing the birds right into your decoys before shooting. The ballistics on these shells would require closer in shots and might stop 70 yard plus refuge shooting. A lot of private clubs have gone this route to stop the stupidity that is seen at refuges all the time. This trend of making harvesting wildlife has been seen elsewhere in such areas as using only barbless hooks for certain types of fishing, blind restrictions for hunting antelope with a bow , excetera. Your thoughts if you think this is this would be an interesting way to go about it.
But I like it! Picked up my new Turkish-made Chiappa Triple Magnum today from the FFL dealer. Feels well built and tightly put together. A little on the heavy side (8.5 lbs.), as I knew it would be, but it's pretty well-balanced. Smooth breaking, and a good camo job. I grew up shooting a Browning Side-by-Side, and I've really missed shooting a break open gun with a top tang safety, but I also want three shots for duck and goose hunting. I don't shoot very many 3 & 1/2 inch shells, but it will be nice to when I want to without worrying about the longer shells hanging up in an autoloader. Can't wait to fire it. Anyway, I told some 'Fugers I'd report in when I got it, so there you go!

3 barrel.jpg



The pheasant hunting in California has become dismal. The duck club I am in has converted what was left of any pheasant habitat into duck habitat... (I can't complain, as that is what the club is intended for). But I got lucky on our opener for a 2 bird limit in short order.... Probably my last limit off the club.

I would love to see photos or videos of you guys that actually have some pheasants to hunt. Other upland photo's are of course welcome.


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