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    We went from cool, and sopping wet, to smoking hot, and dry. My yard went from I couldn't keep up, to heat stress in a week! A field of corn has been stuck at shin high for 2 weeks, and showing drought stress. Leaves are burnt, and drawed up already. Looking like a long dry summer!
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    Show me your snake

    They certainly do get on limbs, maybe not as much as water snakes. We saw a ton of real deal water moccasins that day, so may have assumed what we heard, was more cottonmouths than actually were. Either way we didn't catch one, and ask if he was on a limb before :l
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    Show me your snake

    Murphy's Pound on West KY, is known to have the densest population of cottonmouths in the world. I've rode horses all over the Obion Creek bottoms that border it, and can attest that it's full of them! Nothing like riding up to a creek you want to cross, and seeing limbs fun of them. Sounded...
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    I preferred the poly over the Timbre. Every Timbre I tried, save one air locked on me. The poly wasn't as bad, and if it was a little sanding on the front of the toneboard fixed it.
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    I never could find one, that sounded any good, and I tried several. At the time I ran Originals most of the time. Just wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't fit somebody else .
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    I preferred the timber model. The rest were junk imo.
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    Claro walnut call

    I'm no call maker, but I'm quite sure I've seen calls made of Claro walnut. I know regular walnut was a go to wood for decades. More mellow sounding, than harder varieties. Rick Perry, the late maker of Winglock calls, made a slew out of walnut.
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    Arby’s and Burgers?

    It's actually not bad. Not the best hamburger ever, but better than McDonald's.
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    Zero-turn mowers

    Very happy with my Scag Turf Tiger 2, with Velocity Plus deck. It can mow wet, dry, and tall, and make it look good! I've used ExMark, and Bad Boy commercial mowers, and the Scag is light years better than what I've used in the past.
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    Nickname help

    Deadeye decoy killer
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    First single reed

    What are you looking to do with a single reed? Loud ringing hails, or just lower volume ranges? Do you like easy to blow, or harder to blow calls? Do you want a cleaner sound, or something more gruff? You need to know those answers, before you pick a call.
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    Best Marsh Chair?

    Drake has a interesting chair with a mesh boat seat. Wouldn't be to handy packing in, but looks conformable. Expensive to!
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    Work boots

    I like Double H with the ICE soles. The soles last forever. Not the most comfortable on concrete, but farm type chores they're great.
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    Ford 535 Backhoe ?

    My dad had A Ford backhoe, but unsure of the model number. Looked similar..... It was a piece of junk! The valve body above the front end, constantly blew out. I'm talking almost every time we used it! The thin pipes going into the body split all of the time, and had to be welded. He couldn't...
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    What happens in your sleep?

    Ever since I've had covid I have dreams every night. Not short dreams, but long movie quality ones. Once one story is over, the next starts up. It's weird finishing story, after story. Nothing bad either, as before covid, I would have nightmares.