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    Oopsie..Joe Fall Down,Go Boom

    There can sometimes be that one kid making bad choices, but how one’s kids live their lives does define the nature of the parenting.
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    Here we go again. Texas school shooting

    Amazingly there is hardheadedness even on the PAF. :l
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    CDFW 2022 Waterfowl Breeding Population Survey

    Let’s see if they reduce the limit for coots.
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    A Pleasant Surprise

    This past Friday my wife and I were eating lunch at a local diner near our home when a lady came to our table and presented me with a Patriotic, handmade quilt. I was pretty much speechless. She said she makes the quilts for Veteran’s, especially Vietnam Veteran’s. I truly appreciate her...
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    Whos been married the longest.

    A couple of days after returning from my second deployment to VN, my bride and I made a run to Las Vegas and got hitched. Last month was our 54th anniversary. After raising two kids and now enjoying five grandkids and four great grandkids (newest is two weeks old), it’s still a mighty fine life.
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    OFH A sad day

    Wow! I'm so saddened to hear of this. A 'fuger since Dec 31, 2004, he just recently turned 98. Pete Arnold was with us to the end, last checking in on this past Monday morning.
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    Just in Roe V Wade overturned by SCOTUS.

    If they are doing business at arm's length, then it's up to them to recover whatever costs they incur. It's an ownership right to approve the expenses.
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    Just in Roe V Wade overturned by SCOTUS.

    Turtle? I'd never heard that nickname before, so I did some searching...
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    Oopsie..Joe Fall Down,Go Boom

    Everybody knows that Joe can barely make it up and down stairs, so it's useless for him to play the game of cyclist hipster. If he he needs to do a bike thing, he should be wise and use a tricycle because nobody thinks he's all fit and athletic anyway. If Joe really got 81 million votes, who...
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    A Absolute Rant !!!

    Well here we are one week after placing my order and lo and behold about an hour ago the doorbell rang and a UPS driver delivered an in tact box containing my waders. I took the waders out of the box, tried them on, and they at least fit. So far so good, but it was still slow service.
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    Can our resident libs/TDSr's explain why?

    In terms of middle school civics... how any understand the distinction between a Constitutional federal republic with core standards and processes overseen by elected/appointed representatives versus a central government where a sovereign has complete control over all aspects of life. For...
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