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    Realtree Timber or Mossy Oak Bottomland

    I like timber better for where I hunt at, but I can’t hardly find the stuff anymore
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    But but but…… Orange man bad!!
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    Perfect Limit For Each Flyway

    That’s funny you posted this. I wasnt aware this was you. I’ve seen you post on here before but didn’t realize that this was your channel. I just watched this video a few days ago. I’ve watched a lot of your duck and goose videos the past year or so. Like the honker shoots on ice :tu
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    Need some prayers guys.

    Will definitely send some your way sir
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    Seth Fields wins the World's! RMC!!!!

    I like Seth’s fist pump at the end… almost like “yes, I got this!!”
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    Oath Keeper Founder guilty

    None. Liberal elites don’t do nuffin wrong
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    What Y'all Cooking?

    Home made KFC mashed p’tater bowls
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    Weird stuff you have seen in the decoys?

    Hunted a big lake early this morning that’s nearby, and have to say my buddy and I had a first. We were out setting decoys with about fifteen minutes left before legal light, and he hollers and says “hey check this out.” We were in about four or five inches of water. Not sure if he couldn’t get...
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    First set of decoys

    I bought two dozen Dakota packables about a year ago from Rogers. Hunt mostly public walk in areas like you. Have worked good so far and held up great. For walking in, I think Avians are heavy, though they look great. I hunted over Divebomb mallards last week with a hunting partner, and asked...
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    Game day goodies

    Dang…. I could root for auburn for a day for a chance to consume some of that ;)
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    Best skinnies?

    Haven’t tried em. I would think they’d work in the snow, but we don’t hardly get enough anymore for me to justify buying them
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    Biden calling for ban on semi-auto firearms.

    Just like every other “planned” shooting by the left, I’m sure there’ll be one just before Inauguration Day
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    Biden calling for ban on semi-auto firearms.

    Did this loon really go full blown Thug and go in public with his flex fit sticker still on the bill of his hat? What a disgrace. Pull yer dang pants up Joe… ain’t nobody tryin to see that
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    where should I go?

    True killers scout while searching the internet :dv
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    Big Al’s mallards

    Scheels…. Looks like his site has em on stock though currently.