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    Reserved Draws are up

    We got some decent ones. Shall see if it pans out...
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    Adding a zipper to the Beavertail roof openings

    Dont believe they were rare earth magnets. If you get some to try, please post up results.
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    Adding a zipper to the Beavertail roof openings

    I tested one hole, my old Velcro seems stronger than the magnets. Need a super duty magnet. I ordered the 3/4” ones and they don’t seem Strong enough. Ohh well it was worth a shot...
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    Adding a zipper to the Beavertail roof openings

    I ordered some. I Will update everyone. May staple some on to test before sewing them.
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    Adding a zipper to the Beavertail roof openings

    I think I may try sew in magnets on my tops. That way when you raise up to shoot they open and then you just put the top back when you want it closes, 1/2 closed, etc. May try this option out for this year... thoughts...
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    Big shooting at Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas.

    Sad sad day. Prayers to all involved.
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    Marsh stool ideas please

    Dad and I both have the Cabelas one. Solid seat, had it two years, zero issues, lightweight.
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    Waay more than last year. Harvey is blowing rain up here tomorrow. May have to wait till Saturday.
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    Price of New Trucks

    And won't be used as a "truck" either.
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    The Cabelas Princeton ones are good. Had one for over 4 years now.
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    Price of New Trucks

    This is why, I traded my 2011 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 for a 2005 Silverado Work truck ext cab 4x4. Roll up windows and vinyl floors. A few years back I wrecked it hunting and slid off the road. The insurance totaled it. I bought it back cheap, had the body work done (no other issues) and I am...
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    2017-18 Season Preparation

    Good luck.
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    Bird and Buck Stool in a boat blind

    Thats all we hunt out of from my boat. Removed the foam it comes with. They are not water right, so if its gonna rain, just throw a trash bag in there before putting in my stuff.
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    Dove draw

    Negative. But I did get first pick at my buddies place! :)
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    Beavertail Camo question

    Bungees hold it fine. I made my own zip up cover out of 600 denier.