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    Long time no post....

    The Alabama season is about to start. Let the games begin. I will be out rolling around like most years. Have fun stay safe and put on a PFD.
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    Rachel dolezal

    She sued Howard (a mostly Black college) for taking down her art because she was "white". She cant sued now claiming she is black enough? She is not a person of 'Color" like in the NAACP- name.
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    What's going on in the south?

    OMG!! You are n Cali and your talking about crime!!! That is funny. Population is on the rise in the south.
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    Max speed & best hull for a 6.5 beavertail?

    I had a 16X48 riv boat. A 9 HP long tail Go-Devil. I could only get 11MPH. I would say your doing good.
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    2014 Mudbuddy Sport V reviews or advice.

    Belt vs Gear is what I have done for a living since the early 1990s It is really about SF safety factor. Based on HP, shock load and TQ. Belt is much easier to change a sheave / gear. Will absorb shock load But heat, cold and dry rot are issues. Plus alignment is key and tension...
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    The SEC in the CFB playoffs

    I don't have one but I know we have a few in Tuscaloosa. Which one do you use? Is one better than the other? No I am not sure at all what is going to happen. Unlike the BCS and March madness we don't know what they will really care about. Conference championships? So if a league...
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    The SEC in the CFB playoffs

    The entire thing will be worse. The BCS got it right all but one year. Auburn got left out one year. If they used same system now but had 4 teams it would be fine. All the computers and polls helped. 13 people are not a good sample size. now 12. Archie dropped out for...
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    Congratulations Peyton Manning.

    Was that the female trainer they were hazzing? was involved in the calling card thing? A bunch of UT players were using a stolen calling card. Funny now with cell phones.
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    2014 Mudbuddy Sport V reviews or advice.

    Buy an EFI. Pro-Drive. Customer service is 75% of the reason. MB has had issues launching the Sport V and H. Now they sold off the Sport H. Delays of 1 year or more to launch new motor.
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    Congratulations Peyton Manning.

    Cause that orange of UT is ugly! Tainted! The rest of family sure RTR
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    Wrong day to jump the WH fence

    Those dogs are members of Secret Service. They carry a badge too. Assaulting Fed officer will add some time to his stay.
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    Congratulations Peyton Manning.

    He wore that ugly orange. So I will never like him. I was at Legion Field in Birmingham when he directed the hill folk band in that ear splitting banjo noise known as ?Rocky Top? . They beat Alabama that day for the first time in 11 tries. We threw every bottle and cup we could find...
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    Handheld LED spot light

    Me too I have spare battery in front of boat with a 3 mil CP 12v. Switch on light for on/off Plus you have a spare battery if you need it and it won't run the starting battery down.
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    Ever catch a duck?

    I have caught three birds(partial). In Arkansas opening day of 2011. I shot and then caught a green wing. It was coming right at my boat and flared when I stood up. Shot it and it fell right toward boat. Stuck my hand out and caught it. Second was a pheasant. My brother shot a rooster in...
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    Tents/Shelters for Duck Camp

    Rent a camper or RV. Every state park has showers. Did that is SD had a great time. We tent camp for Duck opener in Arkie. 12x14 tent MR buddy and electric hearter with a fan. Get a good frame cot and a therma rest. Take a boot dryer and a generator. Make a kitchen and take it with...