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    How many Parishes have you killed a duck in?

    Cameron, Vermillion, Beauregard, Allen, Vernon, Rapides, Avoyelles, La Salle, ouachita, morehouse
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    For those who think surface drives are bad for the marsh

    Came from La and hunted there this year. There was no where I couldn’t get in my surface drive. Not bragging at all, but for a place where you can literally only get 1-2 miles at the furthest from any boat launch, A surface drive shouldn’t be allowed. Convenient ? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely not.
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    Something has to change.

    Our last Saturday’s take consisted of all teal… and now that ya mention it, our hen to drake ratio was wayyyy heavy towards the drake side. Makes for a pretty strap but is concerning I suppose
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    Something has to change.

    Wow… flying corn for imprinting.. never even crossed my mind that was being done
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    January Aerial Survey

    I’m guessing it needs it be dry during late late spring or early summer for things plants to take off in shallow water and get above water surface ? I wish I could be replanting something now
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    Reduce the Duck Limit next year

    Well that’s a first I’ve heard
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    January Aerial Survey

    This is the lowest water I’ve seen in our marsh since 2011… a lot has changed but what I learned is our water we have left is basically trapped and only evaporation can dry us up even more. I welcome it. We need many places to re vegetate and put off more duck food
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    Modern Era Market Hunting

    Guess how many employees Sabine NWR with 125,000 acres has ? Currently only 1. When he started there was 22 on staff. Apparently USFWS is jacked up too. Granted having a full staff may not bring/hold more ducks, but still sucks we can’t improve our own habitat. I’m sure weather plays a big...
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    State of Waterfowl Podcast

    I listened to that episode today. After hearing Doug talk about his opinion on hunting late season, I can’t help but think of all the people him and everyone associated with Grosse savanne and surely someone has some pull that could get it in front of the right people. I just don’t get why that...
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    Steel-filled clouds tomorrow

    I’d wear one
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    Preseason Habitat

    Our marsh is looking better than it has been in Atleast 3 years or so. Duck weed out the wazooo. Wigeon grass is great in places. With next week looking dry too, it’ll be setting up nice
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    Louisiana teal season

    We slowed down yesterday but was better today. Ready for the cooler weather birds or no birds
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    Delta Says

    Can’t help but grin when I see gray duck numbers up
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    Well, what's the game plan boyz............

    Getting rid of powered boats needs to happen, especially in that small of an area. And I agree with you on all your statements about being too close. We know all about it from the public places we hunt in La. Large lack of education when it comes to waterfowling. Hard to blame it on younger...
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    Well, what's the game plan boyz............

    75 pages… I’d say someone’s upset. As a NR myself, I hate to see that they’ve let hunting go past 12-2pm or whatever time it maybe in yalls areas. That’s awful in my opinion. Too add to this, just from a small time studying aerial Imagery and the CB pdf, ya have it easy with all the boat...

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