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    State classifieds

    Selling about 40 Canada Goose silhouette decoys. Good shape homemade luan ply with steel stakes and a few with wood stakes all double bolted. Stored in 2 plastic totes included. Just want these to go to a good home so asking $75. Can send pics by text. Located in Ontario, NY can help deliver (or...
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    Born of church?

    Most excellent. Thanks
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    Foredom flex shaft problem

    Carvers, could use some help with an issue I'm having with my old Foredom. I was running a 1/4" shank cutter on a white cedar head and I hit my glove. The cutter slowed but kept moving but now I get maybe half the power when I press down on the cutter. Took off the sleeve and the flex shaft...
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    New to the area

    Laxdog, contact the Watertown DEC office ask that question. Its been many years since we used those blinds. Procedure used to be getting a annual permit, applying for a day use permit and hoping you were first to draw the blind / area you applied for - all by snail-mail. It was worth it the...
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    New to the area

    Black river bay is where we spent most of our time. a few trips into Perch River and for quite awhile hunted the state blinds up the St Lawrence river. Good memories up there hunting Bluebills. It was literally in my dad's back yard. He had names for all our "spots": Quail Island, the grass...
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    New to the area

    Blax, Yes to both those places. Monte is federal so get on-line and research the guidelines. we have alot of public waters just do your scouting and you'll be finding your own honey holes. Plenty of places to hunt with a kayak but most require crossing big water to get there so be careful watch...
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    Youth Weekend

    Lab, I wish you and your son the best of success this weekend! Many years ago I took a family friends' son to Montezuma Refuge for youth day and he shot a neck banded Canada goose. I'm not sure who was more excited, him or me. Have fun be safe. -BB
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    Anybody hunting crows?

    Focus, I gotta believe those "decoys" would work, although they are kinda small. I use the same call and the e-caller at the same time and it works well. we got 24 this morning, 10 yesterday. Going through a lot of shells - using up all my old lead shot. Those crows will humble even a good...
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    Anybody hunting crows?

    We've had a few near misses as well. I can't imagine getting hit by one of those "jarts". Have to try that garbage feed set up - now that's funny. Keep after them, it is fun. - BB
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    Anybody hunting crows?

    Tis the season. I started doing this seriously about 12 years ago and stuck with it for one very good reason: it's almost identical to goose hunting. I made a portable blind from dog fence and old Fastgrass, bought some crow decoys, made a owl holding a crow, and bought a E-caller. We set up on...
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    Reduced limits

    My season was good overall mostly because for the past two years I have not been able to hunt so really it was great just to be able to go. Shot some geese in the November snow storms close to home. We got into some mallards early on and were a little frustrated with the 2 bird with 1 hen limit...
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    Looking for a LL Bean Scaup Decoy - WTB

    Hello Tom, great to see you still carving those beautiful decoys. As far as a Bean decoy I don't have one but if you remember Preston Lowe from up at Clayton he had a bunch of Bean divers and would sell them out of his bargain basket for about $25 each. I may have his number I'll have to look...
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    Looking for a lab puppy

    Sorry for your loss. A lot of us certainly wish they would live forever. But that’s why God made puppies. Wish you all the best with your new adventure. Bluebeak
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    Opening day western zone

    Yes the day was almost too nice and warm. Saw enough ducks to make it worthwhile most of course would not commit. Unfortunatly we shot two hen mallards right off and had to really watch what we shot at from then on. Later we had more hen mallards swimming and preening in the decoys. Our hope was...
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    Back in town, back on the Refuge

    Tom! Great to know that your still around and kicking and still on the Refuge. Its been a tough year and a half for us but like I said its so good to be home. Hope we can sit down sometime and catch up. For now I'm gearing up for the season and will try my best to make an impression on the duck...