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    Best Waterfowl Hunting Books & Best Waterfowl Hunting Magazines ?

    Darn hard to get anything published unless you are an established writer or you do bodice rippers. Formulaic action stuff works too. Niche market for waterfowlers, therefore no money in it. Sad.
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    Feeding questions

    Started with 1/2 cup on the same schedule as you, went to 3/4 cup at 12 weeks and will bump to a cup at 14 or so. Can just see ribs.
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    Puppy pricing

    Went with a reputable breeder/trainer who had worked with our previous lab. Pup cost us $2750 Canadian. Worth every penny to us as finding a litter of good dogs here is tough. Daughter's Toller cost her $3K. Crazy prices but life is short.
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    Grumman Sports Canoe Questions

    You'll need to etch it before painting. Krylon spray works great. I wouldn't bother with the clear coat. 15 hp is too much power IMO. I've run a 6hp on a 16' glass and that was lots. Congrats on the new addition to the fleet!
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    Braid or Wire on Down Riggers

    Braid with 30' of 250 lb gangion biminid on the end to hold your clips.
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    The last jump north for the birds.

    With a bum knee, they'll find you faster.
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    Pressure washing a dog. What's the best setting?

    Bit of a drive. British Columbia.
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    Pressure washing a dog. What's the best setting?

    At the house we plumbed in an outdoor shower. Dogs don't want to get out of the warm water. I don't think a pressure washer is the answer, honest.
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    Canadian Provinces

    Cascadia was floated years ago ie BC, Washington and Oregon. I doubt many hate the truckers, but there came a time when they had made their point and should have gone home.
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    Neil Young

    in 50 years one will be heard, it won't be Rogan.
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    I need a blind bag that's not trash.

    Sitka sling pack. Holds enough and leaves you able to jumpshoot. Sucks that you have to re-set the fastex strap and sew it back on to get it to fit right. Overall, I'm still happy with it.
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    Blue foam insulation and paint?

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    OT Anybody still have a Landline???

    Yes. Too many power outages. Cel via WIFI only as there is no cel service at the house. Funny as hell watching guests use the landline during a power outage as they don't know any phone numbers. They look at the phonebook like it was an artifact.
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    Ideas and tips?

    Put the drain plug in your boat. Remove the tie downs.
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    Acting normal Supply and pricing?

    Oriented Strand Board, aka beaver puke.