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    Worker Shortage

    Just to be clear I’m not pushing the idea of college. I think it’s pretty much a waste of time n money for most people. Here locally it just seems the wages aren’t close to cost of living in most skilled labor situations. Then the lack of bennies makes it even worse.
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    Worker Shortage

    All depends where an how you live. I couldn’t buy a house an car here in md if I made 50 a year. Heck if me an my wife made 50 each a year it be tight. Same argument I’ve had with my dad. I’m making 10 bucks more a hour then he was when he bought his first house for 60 grand. If I bought same...
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    Worker Shortage

    If concrete finishers n masons start making doctor money I’ll gladly go dust my tools off but it’s just not the case currently. Most skilled labor wages are pretty much the same as they’ve been or even worse with rising costs of living. No doubt your son will learn a lot an 20 bucks a hour is a...
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    Who here is average?

    I’m at 125 a day in boat diesel to probably my closest place. At these prices come July I’ll b at 180 for my farther spots. Went thru my books an in the 9 prior years my highest daily fuel was 75. My wife has went from 70 bucks a week in gas to 170. So yea maybe they meant cost 450 extra a...
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    The completion of the US Slam

    Very cool. Congrats to him.
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    Protest at NRA…..Live

    The truest meme ever. My daughter saw guns all her life. Also has a sit down dinner an 2 parents that love her. She also walks by a gun n doesn’t think to touch it unless we are doing something with it. I’m not saying she won’t mess up. But I will 100% say she won’t b shooting up schools now or...
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    Man I feel like I hurt your feelings saying your full of it. I was just joking. But crabs deff can’t live everywhere I’ve seen hundreds of pots full of dead crabs from them being in pot when bad water comes in. Heck I’ve seen em climb up the rocks trying to get out. There’s also a direct...
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    Your so full of it. You boys north of bridge bait your lines an traps. They never left. Seriously though. You can lay off all u want between pollution n becoming fish food they’ll b gone regardless. Just gonna happen lil faster with us killing em. An yea. Crabs are north of bridge. Call ur...
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    Gas Prices

    Diesel still holding at 5.99 here in md. It hurts to get fuel for boat. If my truck needs it to it’s pretty much what our old weekly grocery bill times 2.
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    7.8 more Americans living in poverty, just since last Summer

    Regardless I was richer in 2020 then I am right now.
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    7.8 more Americans living in poverty, just since last Summer

    I’m not seeing the wage increase anywhere other then minimum wage. All my buddies in trades are making the same money they’ve been making. If I went back to laying brick the wage is the same as it was 5 years ago.
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    7.8 more Americans living in poverty, just since last Summer

    I’m just saying. This game isn’t that hard. People. Normally dumb people make it harder. I hope they all starve this winter.
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    While Attending Your Kid’s Games

    You coulda bought us a 60 acre duck hole here for that 75 grand lol. I get it an assuming you’re like me sports aside your kid woulda been busy regardless an rehab an whatever wouldn’t been a thing anyhow. Congrats with him n hope he’s doing good. Strange times.
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    7.8 more Americans living in poverty, just since last Summer

    Nope if you didn’t vote or voted for Biden you get punched. Pretty simple. If your under say 30. Your parents get triple punched. 25 your parents get a double punch.
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    Bryan L

    So we see your here bringing up old threads. See these calls offered. Let’s hear some intel n see some pics. Everyone likes a new call.